Heading Says it All – November 4th, 2020

Ten items in total…

“European Union institutions accused of being too White” here.

“Holy Horndog: Priest pinched in threesome sex with porn star, dominatrix on altar” here.

“Oreo debuts rainbow cookies celebrating LGBTQ+ community” here.

“How to get a head start on preparing for post-election civil unrest” here.

“Twitter & Facebook to testify on election-related censorship, but not until after the election” here.

“Anti-monarchist not a fan of Harkle having it ‘both ways’ after Megxit” here.

“BLM activists storm Seattle news station for reporting on their arrests, get arrested” here.

“Paddy McGuinness breaks Guinness world record for highest speed reached by ice cream van at Elvington Airfield” here.

“Canadian military wants to establish new organization to use propaganda, other techniques to influence Canadians” here.

“NBC affiliate hired a security guard with far-left views and took him to a Trump rally, where he shot and killed a Trump supporter” here.