Random Quotations – November 4th, 2020

Six items in total…

“I’m convinced the main reason most people have an account with a bank is the sheer power of advertising. They have never really thought about it, there is no education on the matter. We are not taught the definition of money, the consequences of debt or the evils of usury. To do so would endanger the power of the financial elite… When I was at school, the headmaster allowed representatives from NatWest in to ‘teach’ us the importance of having a junior bank account, to get us hooked on their brand. When I ask people why they use a particular bank the answer is often ‘because I always have’. We really are just cattle to them… Banks are the devil; they prey on the masses.” – The Patriotic Alternative, “A guide to practical nationalism” – November 1st, 2020.

“People are opening up to the idea that a riot is the language of the unheard. Property destruction is not violence.” – Olivia Katbi Smith of the Democratic Socialists of America, quoted by Marc Fisher in “With election day looming, an anxious nation hears rumblings of violence” – Washington Post, October 31st, 2020.

“Civil war seems reasonably likely if Trump wins. One can imagine antifa-BLM violence far beyond anything seen thus far breaking out in all major urban areas, and it would inevitably require a major military force to bring it under control. And if he loses, there will deep anger among Trump supporters. Unlike the left, the right has not shown much of an appetite for violence lately, but that could change.” – Kevin MacDonald, “Chris Hedges and Matt Taibbi: Media as propaganda and censorship bureau: The Jewish angle” – Occidental Observer, November 1st, 2020.

“Gales have an end. Storms do make way for beautiful days. This one may last for weeks, it could last until the Electoral College declares a winner, and beyond. But the storm will end… And it will end poorly for the left. Because they will have fully exposed the kind of lowlifes they are. Their leadership will have shown willingness to destroy the livelihoods of average Americans. The willingness to destroy an economy to win an election. The willingness to bind ordinary people with rules and burdens that oppress them and make the pursuit of happiness a distant dream.” – David Prentice, “The gales of November” – American Thinker, November 3rd, 2020.

“It is not likely that these hardened terrorists have been brought to Western Europe in hope of turning them into exemplary citizens, or for humanitarian reasons. It is more probable that they were brought in exactly for the purpose of creating a terrorist underground network, to frighten citizens into obedience. Just like coronavirus, but in another way. Some people are getting killed, but the purpose is achieved: new anti-terrorist acts are enacted and acted upon; more surveillance is introduced. The governments and their security services want to keep us scared, and terrorism is a reliable means for that. It is all part of the war the elites carry out against the nations and against too-unreliable democracy.” – Israel Shamir, “Charlie Hebdo rides again” – Unz Review, November 2nd, 2020.

“For example, in attempting to gauge the respondent’s primary issues of importance, one question asked if the ‘economic downturn’ would factor into his selection process. The possible answers to that question range from ‘very likely’ to ‘not at all.’ The obvious question is what economic downturn, but the poll does not allow one to ask. Essentially, the poll attempts to subconsciously plant the idea that some undisputed ‘economic downturn’ is taking place. Was the question referencing the economic downturn in Democrat-run, riot- and looting-ridden cities that have shut down and forbidden life outside liberal rabble-rousing? If so, it should clearly state such.” – Laura Peterson-Lytle, “Former journalist receives AP survey, laughs out loud at huge bias in questions” – American Thinker, November 1st, 2020.