Obituaries – November 15th, 2020

Ten items in total…

“…passed away peacefully after a brief illness not related to Covid.”

“…Betty (it’s NOT Elizabeth)…”

“He is being mourned by all, including his mother-in-law…”

“It is true that she learned dissection at an early age and stored an assortment of interesting specimens…”

“Family matriarch and die-hard Toronto Maple Leafs fan…”

“(xxxx) will be greatly missed by his grandson (xxxx)… and his predeceased parents Alfred and Lina.”

“…former wife of the late (xxx)…”

“He is survived by ex-partner (xxx)…”

“…loved her cheeseburgers, fries with gravy, ice cold Pepsi, and a side order of toast…”

“(xxx) was left to raise three teenage sons as a single mother, a challenge which the boys didn’t always make the easiest.”

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