Random Quotations – Racial Issues – December 1st, 2020

Five items in total…

“According to government data compiled by Vincent James, there are 547,948 Black-on-White crimes every year compared to 59,778 White-on-Black incidents… As for the ‘white supremacist terror threat,’ the Department of Homeland Security reported that between 2015-2019, White nationalists committed 29% of all domestic terrorist attacks, while Black nationalists were behind 32%. Muslims were involved in 27%. Whites are significantly underrepresented in this field as well… These politically inconvenient numbers may explain why the FBI is four months late on its report on ‘white supremacist domestic terrorism’.” – Chris Rossetti, “New FBI data shows Whites underrepresented and Blacks overrepresented as ‘hate crime’ offenders” – National Vanguard, November 22nd, 2020.

“The problem is we know that often discrimination is in the eye of the beholder. This is especially true in the area of ‘microaggressions,’ where there may be sharp disagreements about whether an aggression has occurred at all… The notion that the ‘oppressed’ are more trustworthy than the ‘oppressors’ may make for good politics but it is not good science.” – G. E. Zuriff, “Does racism explain Black disadvantage?” – American Renaissance, November 15th, 2020.

“Any modern history of America that does not lead with the notion that our elites became fully de-nationalized around about 1980 is fooling you… That’s when, on an industrial scale, the jobs went out, the people came in, and the nation was wrecked. That’s when America was turned from a nation into an economic zone, from a people into population, and from a country into a refuge for the scum of the world… It’s when White America became fully dispossessed.” – Douglas Mercer, “The high center” – National Vanguard, November 30th, 2020.

“Why is it that migratory peoples only seem to want to migrate to the countries that were founded by Europeans? The answer is that only people of European ancestry have the type of mindset and vision to create such countries, and without us, Constitutions and Rights are just meaningless words on paper… So if one appreciates and desires freedom, there is absolutely a racial prerequisite. Meeting that prerequisite is far from a guarantee, but without it such freedom is impossible. And it is thus that we notice that once you introduce other people’s into that environment in sufficient quantity, freedom is destroyed.” – Frank Roman, “The Constitution won’t matter without us” – Western Voices World News, November 23rd, 2020.

“(In contrast), Thunlind emphasised that the slogan White Lives Matter means we will never yield to the Zionist-orchestrated occupation of White countries, and that we will fight until we have won victory. The slogan also signifies that we will never forget the hundreds of victims of violence from racially alien occupiers, and that these victims will live forever in our memories… The speech concluded with a powerful exhortation to the audience to join the Nordic Resistance Movement. The whole group then remained on the square for half an hour to talk with interested people and give out brand-new leaflets with the White Lives Matter message.” – Chris Rossetti, “White Lives Matter demonstration in Örebro, Sweden” – National Vanguard, November 16th, 2020.