Random Quotations – Black Crime – December 31st, 2020

Five items in total…

“Minority-worship inverts reality, morality and logic, insisting that Whites abase themselves and trash their societies in a vain attempt to appease the ever-growing rancour, resentment and envy of our racial enemies… Blacks, for example, are invariably the most violent, least intelligent, most destructive, least productive, most narcissistic and least admirable group in any White society unlucky enough to host them. They murder, rape and rob at startlingly high rates and in startlingly unpleasant ways: for three examples among millions, see the Knoxville Horror, the mass gerontophile rapist Delroy Easton Grant, and acid-throwing robbers in London.” – Tobias Langdon, “Minority-worshipping madness: Our new monuments will be to Blacks and Jews” – Unz Review, October 6th, 2020.

“It’s the complete randomness of this. It’s terrifying…This is just too random and quickly escalating. I can’t fashion conditions that would protect the community.” – Judge Mary C. Marubio, quoted by Leonardo Briceno in “Sisters stab security guard 27 times when asked to put on face masks” – The Post Millennial, October 28th, 2020.

“Maybe Judge Barrett lives in a legal bubble where solutions to violent crime are straightforward: Go to jail… That’s not how they roll in D.C., where black crime is excused as a reaction to white racism. And if the perpetrator is really a victim of white racism, then they really don’t have any business in jail, do they?… A now-famous law professor at Georgetown University said just that in an opinion piece he wrote for the Post. He said if black jurors felt the black defendant was a victim of racism, they should not convict him… And oh yeah, all black people are victims of white racism. That is why crime is the new black entitlement.” – Colin Flaherty, “Amy Coney Barrett has some ‘splainin’ to do on white racism” – American Thinker, October 24th, 2020.

“Children with gunshot wounds are arriving in unprecedented numbers at St. Louis Children’s Hospital, carried by wailing ambulances or cradled in the arms of desperate parents. The hospital has already treated 114 children through Oct. 8 – more than all of 2019 – and the onslaught shows no sign of slowing amid a surging murder rate… Lindsay Clukies, co-director of emergency medical services at the hospital, said the average age of victims is dropping and that more are arriving with high-caliber gunshot wounds. In July, she treated an infant hit by a bullet. More than 90 percent of the victims this year have been Black.” – John D. Harden and Justin Jouvenal, “Crime rose unevenly when stay-at-home orders lifted. The racial disparity is the widest in years” – Washington Post, October 9th, 2020.

“The 2018 NCVS (National Crime Victimization Survey) found approximately 608,000 crimes of interracial violence involving blacks and whites. Of this number, blacks were the aggressor in 90 percent of cases, and whites in just 10 percent. The NCVS gives the percentages of the US population of each race (white: 62.3, black: 12, Hispanic: 17, Asian: 6.3, other: 2.4), so we can calculate the odds of any given black person attacking a white or vice versa: The odds of a black person attacking a white were 48 times greater than the odds of a white attacking a black. Blacks were more likely to attack people of every other race more often than they were attacked by them: 47 times more likely to attack an Asian than vice versa, and 3.6 times more likely to attack a Hispanic.” – Jared Taylor, “Race and crime: Who attacks whom?” – American Renaissance, December 11th, 2020.