Obituary Comments – January 6th, 2021

Ten items in total…

“This joy for life was also manifested by his love of the stock market.”

“Her kitchen was always a warm, welcoming and delicious refuge for all.”

“…at his cabin on the lake, his favourite place on Earth.”

“Her lemon squares, ginger cookies and jellied salad will never be equalled.”

“Now go grab a coffee and sit by the lake. Whatever.”

“…19 grandchildren and 13.5 great-grandchildren.”

“She was predeceased by her ex-husband (xxx)…”

“Turner Classic Movies was her getaway (anything with Robert Mitchum)…”

“Welcomed into the world during the Great Depression and departing during the pandemic…”

“He and his twin… were so identical that they could still successfully fool people well into their sixties.”