Obituary Comments – January 25th, 2021

Ten items in total…

“Made it to 90 in spite of himself!”

“I am now with those I loved, awaiting those I love…”

“It was a blessing that the hospital allowed a loved one (to be) with him in this time of Covid.”

“A celebration of life will take place when it is safe to do so.”

“…our home would be filled with fragrances of great cooking and beautifully displayed meals…”

“A world traveller with a special spot for Italy and the Amalfi coast.”

“(xxx) has put away his garden tools and his maple syrup hydrometer…”

“We thought he would go on forever. After all, we called him ‘the machine’…”

“She leaves behind her adored sons… as well as many fiends (sic!) and family.”

“From his humble beginnings in Saskatoon, (xxx) grew to become that old oak in the centre of a grand forest.”