Random Quotations – Anti-White – February 7th, 2021

Five items in total…

“So, I downloaded the YouTube Kids app. Now, this app has many sections. The one I usually use to add variety to the homeschooling experience is the Learning tab. Within that you can find many great videos for all aspects of education. But I generally use it to find songs we can sing along to which again teach numbers, colours, shapes and letters… A great amount of fun and education to boot!… To my surprise, dismay and disgust the Learning section had been removed. Yes, removed to make way for… Wait for it… ‘Black Joy’!… No, they replaced it; completely doing away with the Learning section!” – Nathan Lawrence, “YouTube kids app replaces learning section with ‘Black Joy’.” – Patriotic Alternative, February 5th, 2021.

“Until it is thoroughly demolished by people of courage, the myth of white privilege will surely claim more victims.” – Michelle Malkin, “The matter of Tori Rose Smith’s life” – American Renaissance, January 26th, 2021.

“(But) in a 6-3 decision last month, the U.S. Supreme Court threw out a legal challenge by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and the state of New York against Trump’s effort to exclude illegal aliens from congressional apportionment counts… The United States Census Bureau has already stopped tallying the number of illegal aliens living in the U.S., but now it appears that this will no longer be the case.” – Alana Mastrangel, “Joe Biden includes illegal aliens in census to determine congressional seats, electoral college votes” – Breitbart, January 20th, 2021.

“White people, according to CRT (critical race theory) , drift in a kind of amniotic fluid of privilege and unearned gifts based on the brutal ideology of white supremacy.’ Critical race theory includes values such as hard work, objectivity, deferred gratification, family, and respect for the written word as intrinsically racist, and claims that by ‘centering’ these values American culture relentlessly suppresses black achievement while boosting white mediocrity into advancement.” – Max Eden, “States can reject critical race theory” – American Renaissance, January 21st, 2021.

“In addition, the memo tells agents that ‘all cases’ of detainees in ICE custody are now to be considered ‘no significant likelihood of removal in foreseeable future’ – suggesting all detainees will need to be released… Typically, if detainees do not have sponsors in the United States, agents can hold an individual in their custody. The memo, though, states that is no longer the case and that even detainees without sponsors must be released… It is unclear if ICE is currently carrying out the mass release of all 14,195 detainees in its custody, 71.45 percent of whom are convicted criminals…” – John Binder, “ICE agents ordered to free all illegal aliens in custody: Release them all” – Breitbart, January 23rd, 2021.