Random Quotations – Islam – February 9th, 2021

Five items in total…

“Austria has implemented the mandatory registration of imams as part of a list of anti-terrorism measures. One of the most important measures includes the recognition of the religious motivation behind terrorism… Austria’s Minister for European Affairs Karoline Edtstadler also stated in reference to the new imam registry: ‘Most imams move through many EU countries, so the security authorities need to know who is preaching what in which mosque at any given time’… Given the established problem of Salafi teachings being spread via mosques and Islamic schools, Austria, the EU and in fact all Western countries have a right to know what mosques are teaching and when mosques are preaching war against disbelievers.” – Christine Douglass-Williams, “Austria implements mandatory registration of all imams, calls for EU to do the same” – Jihad Watch, January 9th, 2021.

“Attacks against churches have become a familiar sight in Sweden. Last year alone, a number of churches, mostly those in troubled suburban [i.e., heavily Muslim migrant] areas, were subjected to various types of attacks and vandalism, including those in Gottsunda, Uppsala and Rosengård, Malmö.” – Raymond Ibrahim, “Wishful thinking surrounds bombing of historic Swedish Church” – AmericanThinker. February 9th, 2021.

“The rioting took place at Reumannplatz in the heavily-migrant populated Favoriten district of the Austrian capital and saw a Christmas tree set on fire by members of a group of around 40 rioters along with various shops in the area having their windows smashed… Following the riots, several people were arrested, including a 21-year-old Syrian migrant who was taken into custody on the night of the incident. The Syrian is said to have attempted to break into a jewellery shop while using a trash can as a makeshift battering ram.” – Chris Tomlinson, “Vienna govt to hold security meeting after ‘allahu akbar’ rioters torched Christmas tree” – Breitbart, January 10th, 2021.

“The British government is determined to fabricate a ‘far-right threat’ that is equivalent to that of Islamic jihadis, so as to appease its growing, restive, and demanding Muslim population. So first they have to smear people who simply want to defend the freedom of speech and free society as ‘far-right,’ and then pretend that they’re just as numerous and violent, if not more so, than jihadis. In order to do this, they have to treat people saying things they don’t like as if they were the same threat as people plotting mass murder.” – Robert Spencer, “UK authorities accused of inflating far-right threat to appease critics who say they focus too much on jihadis” – Jihad Watch, January 5th, 2021.

“Charities supporting rape victims have demanded answers after data from Freedom of Information requests to Yorkshire’s four police forces showed more than 80 instances where people who had admitted guilt in sexual offence investigations have been let off with a warning… Police cautions – now known as ‘simple cautions’ – are given when a person has admitted to a crime, but are usually only administered by officers for minor offences such as vandalism. Officers can also give out conditional cautions, requiring an offender to seek treatment or pay for any damage.” – Susie Beever, “Sexual offenders in Yorkshire have been given police cautions for rape, shocking figures reveal” – Yorkshire Post, January 4th, 2021.