Random Quotations – Racial Issues – February 14th, 2021

Five items in total…

“But what is the inevitable outcome of abandoning things like the Protestant work ethic, our reliance on empirical data, or our insistence on clear, concise communication? From the woke point of view, abandoning those values means a ‘great leveling’ and more equitable outcome… From an objective perspective, it means cultural and societal suicide. If everyone is equally ignorant and slothful nothing good can happen. I do not suggest that the proponents of Anti-Racism, such as Ibram Kendi and others, are ignorant or slothful. On the contrary, I believe they work extremely hard and know enough to be very harmful.” – Chris Boland, “White Supremacy and the dearth of ideas” – American Thinker, February 12th, 2021.

“As well-intended as it is, we’re pretty confident that when those laws get put in place, they’re not necessarily going to be going after, you know, the Proud Boys per se. It’s much more likely that it would be, Arab Americans, American Muslims, Black Lives Matter protesters. It’s just a pattern that we regrettably are quite familiar with.” – Maya Berry of the Arab American Institute, quoted by Rupa Shenoy in “Civil rights groups oppose expanding laws to target domestic terrorists” – pri.org, January 26th, 2021.

“…to experience this blatant and ultimate disrespect is an insult and a slap in the face and I cannot stay quiet on this matter … I don’t know if I will ever be able to get over this hurt that I am feeling. What is one month for a display to be up? Why do Black people have to continue to be placed in a corner and told to shut up? Why do we get treated as if we are animals? I am hurt!” – Bus driver, quoted by Joe Warmington in “TTC investigating removal of bus driver’s Black History Month display” – Toronto Sun, February 8th, 2021.

“Multiracialism is the direct and necessary condition of our racial apocalypse, the end of our existence. Multiracialism makes possible, enables, and indeed causes racial destruction through a combination of racial replacement and intermixture. Racial intermixture cannot occur without multiracialism, and with it can hardly not occur. It makes racial intermixture, and the racial destruction it causes, all but inevitable.” – Richard McCulloch, “Saving the White race: The problem and solutions, Part 1 of 3” – Occidental Observer, January 25th, 2021. (Excellent – read the full column here).

“A version of Critical Race Theory was implemented as the core ideology of the German State between 1933 and 1945. In the German version of Critical Race Theory, it was the Jewish race that used their power and privilege to oppress other races, and therefore needed to be legally sanctioned. One can read the scholarship of the Third Reich’s leading institute of racial science, Jena University’s Institute for Heredity and Racial Policy (Institut für menschliche Erbkunde und Rassenpolitik) from the 1930s and simply exchange the term ‘Whites’ in place of ‘Jews’ – and it reads awfully close to today’s official racial ideology.” – James S. Corum, “How Joe Biden should implement critical race theory in the Defense Department” – American Thinker, January 27th, 2021.