Random Quotations – March 5th, 2021

Six items in total…

“SpaceX shouldn’t hire foreigners because its rocket technology would be put at risk of being stolen by a spy, which would jeopardize US national security. That’s why SpaceX hires only American citizens. Elon Musk’s other companies, including Tesla, do hire foreign workers… I have two theories about where the motivation for this tempest in a teapot lies. First possibility: United Launch Alliance (Musk’s competitor and a joint venture of Lockheed Martin Space and Boeing Defense). Second possibility: China.” – David Sims, “SpaceX investigated for ‘crime’ of hiring American” – National Vanguard, February 9th, 2021.

“Modern technological giants, especially digital companies, are de facto competing with states. In the opinion of these companies, their monopoly is optimal. Maybe so but society is wondering whether such monopolism meets public interests.” – Vladimir Putin, quoted by Israel Shamir in “The tycoon plot” – Unz Review, February 11th, 2021.

“How do you know which groups are worthy of your patronage and moral support? Here’s a checklist… Do the ‘mainstream’ media talk trash about them often?… Do Democrat and RINO congressmen define them as ‘terrorists’?… Do the ADL and the SPLC call for them to be prosecuted?” – Kevin Alfred Strom, “A new nation is needed” – National Vanguard, February 12th, 2021.

“The bad news is that two of the most powerful institutions in America have anointed me a ‘COVID super-spreader.’ The good news is that I stand accused of super-spreading ‘COVID conspiracy theories,’ not the actual disease. But the worse news is that the way things are going, ‘conspiracy spreaders’ may soon be quarantined in COVID camps as threats to public health. Dissidents, it seems, are the new terrorists.” – Kevin Barrett, “AP and Atlantic Council anoint me ‘Covid conspiracy super-spreader’ – and erase Ron Unz” – Unz Review, February 16th, 2021.

“Almost no one like the heroes of our history (Sir Francis Drake, Bismarck, Presidents Polk and Jefferson) would seek public office in our universal suffrage democracy/plutocracy in which civil debate is controlled by an alien-owned news media.”
“The normal young law firm associate wants to go home at 5.00 p.m. to be with his wife and child. The sociopath will work on till 8.00 on the important brief without any psychological conflict. He’ll call up the wife and tell her he won’t be home for dinner without any upset… This explains someone like Biden feeling no loyalty to his country and being willing to pimp for those with power and money without any regard to what it means to people at large.” – Thorborne Richardson, “Our political system is selective for sociopaths” – Occidental Observer, March 2nd, 2021.