Random Quotations – Meghan Markle – March 23rd, 2021

Five items in total…

“In the honor culture that the monarchy emerged from, strength and duty justify power. In our modern culture, claims of victimhood are the path to power. Today, we’re seeing the conflict between victim culture and honor culture… The true irony is that this story really is about the privilege of a sacred bloodline. That bloodline is Meghan Markle’s black ancestry. A wealthy white woman complaining that the press is mean probably would win no praise. If Prince Harry had married a white woman and then left the royal family, I expect we’d be reading sneering articles about entitled ‘Karens.’ Mrs. Markle’s (light) black skin means that in intersectional politics, she can’t hold real power despite her fame, wealth, and title. The Duchess doesn’t enjoy the ‘white privilege’ of a rag picker in northern England.” – Gregory Hood, “When integration means ruination” – American Renaissance, March 9th, 2021.

“One of the more shocking allegations by Meghan Markle in her Sunday interview with Oprah Winfrey was how the royal family had ‘pulled security’ soon after her and Prince Harry’s move to Canada… What wasn’t mentioned was how the couple’s decision to step down as royals automatically disqualified them from receiving the taxpayer-funded security extended to working members of the royal family.” – Tristin Hopper, “What Meghan Markle didn’t tell Oprah about their security being pulled” – National Post, March 9th, 2021.

“The current battle royale is a symbolic and real struggle between opposite worldviews. On the one side is the constitutional monarchy of Britain, headed by Queen Elizabeth II and all that the monarchy and the commonwealth stand for: lineage, history, tradition, and nation. On the other side are arrayed converts to ‘woke’ ideology who are committed to modernism embracing radical change, egalitarianism, and supranational global interests.” – Fay Voshell, “Meghan and Harry rebel against the Crown” – American Thinker, March 22nd, 2021.

“Piers Morgan was all of us when he was dressing down Meghan Markle and calling her out on the blatant lies that she’s told… She can’t even keep her stories straight, by the way. If anybody remembers, she said three years ago that she does not read newspapers and she doesn’t check social media because she doesn’t like to read stories about her. But apparently that’s not true because she’s now telling everyone she was suicidal because of bad press and racism.” – Candace Owens, quoted by Mark Daniell in “Candace Owens rips Meghan Markle over racism claims: ‘She’s a typical leftist’.” – Toronto Sun, March 11th, 2021.

“‘The BBC by its very nature has to be impartial at all times,’ said a source in comments reported by the Sun, referring to the publicly-funded broadcasters charter obligations – more honoured in the breach than the observance, according to some conservative critics – to keep its output balanced and officially neutral… ‘[T]o be told how to conduct their coverage of a major news event by a PR person acting on behalf of Harry and Meghan is a bit strange to say the least,’ the source added testily.” – Jack Montgomery, “Meghan and Harry told BBC not to use ‘Old White Men’ in Oprah interview discussions: Report” – Breitbart, March 12th, 2021.