Random Quotations – Racial Issues – March 26th, 2021

Five items in total…

“Blacks fought the plan, on the perplexing principle that they were for affirmative action but against preferential treatment. Translation: They wanted special treatment for blacks but not for Hispanics… A more recent Los Angeles battle ground has been the Martin Luther King-Drew Medical Center. It is in what used to be a black neighborhood and affirmative action ensured that the staff was heavily black. Now the neighborhood is more than half Hispanic, as are the patients, and black staffers must fight off Hispanic job-seekers clamoring for ‘parity.’ So far, they have mostly succeeded, since many of the top hospital administrators who make hiring decisions are black. Hispanics have taken their case to Los Angeles County, which will have to solve the ticklish problem of deciding who pays the price for affirmative action when there are no more whites left to discriminate against.” – AR Staff, “The color of preference” – American Renaissance, December 1992.

“In short, it is safe to say that the vast majority of the 205 hate crimes against Asians were not fatal. Since there are 17.2 million Asian-Americans, that’s around 1.2 hate crimes per 100,000. I know, one is too many, but I would hardly call it an epidemic… For comparison, 120 people were struck by lightning in 2019, 20 of them fatally, but 89% of fatalities are whites and 85% are males. Disproportionate impact! We must do all we can to increase the numbers of women and minorities getting struck by lightning! Equity! Equity!” – Henry Percy, “Who’s really committing this sudden spate of anti-Asian hate crimes?” – American Thinker, March 23rd, 2021.

“Birth rates are the beginning and an end of a people and without a sufficient birth rate, cities, countries, and empires decline. A minimum of 2.1 births per woman is deemed necessary for a stable population but rates across much of the developed world are already far lower than this, with western democracies counteracting the effects through a steadily increasing dependence upon immigration to prop up their economies. Dwindling fertility is a result of the abundance of this age, deleterious ideologies, and arguably a concerted effort amongst international interests to undermine native Europeans but it is time to fight back.” – Alex Young, “Baby or bust” – Patriotic Alternative, March 17th, 2021.

“Unsurprisingly, data experts have identified physics, mathematical sciences, and philosophy as the majors with the highest IQs in America and Blacks are underrepresented in all three. These areas demand intellectual curiosity, so they naturally exclude dullards. And since curiosity is a function of intelligence – people with lower IQs will be less curious. As someone who has had countless interactions with Blacks, I am mystified by their disregard for abstract thought. Unfortunately, I have met too many formally educated Blacks who openly express contempt for research if it will not result in financial benefits.” – John Rand, “The necessity of discussing Black-White race differences” – Occidental Observer, March 10th, 2021.

“If it becomes the rule that grading for Blacks is guided by quotas, not by academic achievement, people will inevitably assume that Blacks who achieve professional status based on academic achievement got their credentials as a result of quotas, not merit. Who will want to be operated upon by a Black surgeon, or fly on an airplane with a Black pilot, if it becomes an open policy that standards are lower for Blacks? In other words, prejudices against Blacks would be enflamed, and self-preservation would fuel the racism that tars all Blacks with brush of presumed underachievement.” – Thomas Lifson, “Georgetown University fires professor for violating a taboo on discussing Black academic performance” – AmericanThinker, March 12th, 2021.

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