Random Quotations – Israel – May 22nd, 2021

Seven items in total…

“In East Jerusalem and the West Bank, a massive battle is already underway. On one side, Israeli soldiers, army bulldozers and armed settlers are carrying out daily missions of evicting Palestinian families, displacing farmers, burning orchards, demolishing homes and confiscating land. On the other, Palestinian civilians, often disorganized, unprotected and leaderless, are fighting back… The territorial boundaries of this battle are largely located in East Jerusalem and the so-called ‘Area C’ of the West Bank – nearly 60 percent of the territory’s total size – which is under complete and direct Israeli military control.” – Ramzy Baroud, “Confrontation looms due to continued Israeli land theft – OpEd” – Eurasia Review, March 23rd, 2021.

“Per a statement issued by Pearson, the largest publisher of school books in the UK, the company has suspended publication of two textbooks responding to ‘an eight-page report, by Middle East specialists Professors John Chalcraft and James Dickins, which found hundreds of changes to the textbooks overwhelmingly favoring an Israeli narrative and removing or replacing passages that support Palestinian narratives’.” – Philip Giraldi, “The magic of Israel” – Unz Review, April 13th, 2021.

“It is now generally conceded that Israel is an apartheid state, with the Arabs remaining in historic Palestine living in what is virtually an open-air prison. In return the unarmed Palestinians have occasionally struck back in so far as they could, leading to an Israeli response consisting of overwhelming military force using ‘industrial’ state of the art weapons versus home-made rockets to produce the disproportionate slaughter such as is occurring right now.” – Philip Giraldi, “Some simple lies out of Washington: Who is the terrorist and who is the victim?” – Unz Review, May 20th, 2021.

“After some 73 years of enduring relentless Israeli terrorism, land-theft, cultural appropriation and the silence of the world, the Palestinian Resistance has finally taken charge and has, literally overnight, turned the tables against Israel. From here on, there will be accountability for Israel for any crime it commits against the Palestinians. From here on, all previous Israeli red lines will be crossed in favor of the Palestinians. From here on, the death of Israel is no longer a far-fetched fantasy. From here on, the Palestinian Resistance will take charge of Palestine’s destiny. And its destiny is total liberation.” – Taxi, “Palestine has the right to defend itself” – Unz Review, May 13th, 2021.

“Attacks on Palestinians, to include their homes and livelihoods have been increasing in Jerusalem and on the occupied West Bank over the past several months without any intervention by Israeli police. The settlers were reportedly part of a right-wing Israeli group called Lehava which organized the violent demonstration with the objective of ‘restoring Jewish dignity’ by ‘breaking the faces of Arabs.’ Lehava claimed it was only avenging alleged attacks on Jews by Palestinians in and around Jerusalem, but most reports indicated that recent violence was instead caused by small groups of Jewish teenage boys looking for trouble.” – Philip Giraldi, “Rampaging Israeli settlers” – Unz Review, April 27th, 2021.

“Israel and its supporting cast of 600 pro-Zionist Jewish organizations have billions of dollars to play with and they also include in their ranks co-religionists and other bought sympathizers who control the editorial and news content of America’s printed, television and radio media. Those congressmen who make a show of strongly supporting Israel are rewarded with campaign donations, a friendly media and a virtual lock on reelection. Those who do not are ‘disappeared’.”
“The Palestinians have finally had enough and are fighting back and the Israeli armed forces have characteristically responded by attacking targets including apartment buildings in Gaza, killing numerous children.” – Philip Giraldi, “Netanyahu warns Biden not to get involved” – Unz Review, May 18th, 2021.