Random Quotations – Islam – June 11th, 2021

Five items in total…

“The authors also explain that the treaties that govern the European Union are explicit: only European nations may join. Morocco’s application was turned down for that reason. If Turkey were admitted, ‘Europe’ would border on Iran, Iraq, and Syria, and there would be no reason not to admit Nigeria or Pakistan. The former prime minister of Belgium, Guy Verhofstadt, once tried to argue that Turkey is a European nation because it ruled the Balkans for 300 years. Never mind that it was an oppressive rule; by that standard France and Britain could be considered American and African countries.” – Thomas Jackson, “Why Turkey must not join the European Union” – American Renaissance, May 23rd, 2021; first published in March, 2009.

“…hardly a week goes by without these publications finding something or other wrong with Muslims and Islam. These publications are forever looking for terrorists under every Canadian minaret.” – Haroon Siddiqui, quoted by Max Fawcett in “Canada has an Islamophobia problem – and conservatives are at the root of it” – National Observer, June 9th 2021.

“Judge Fredrik Forsman commented on the riot at the time of sentencing, saying: ‘Many of the police officers that we have heard have said that this is by far the most serious thing that they have experienced, and some of them have served in Afghanistan’… The press release states that the property damage resulting from the rioting was estimated to have cost several million Swedish kronor and that 15 police were injured and 20 police vehicles were damaged as a result of the riots.” – Chris Tomlinson, “13 Charged over Malmö riot following Quran burning” – Breitbart, May 8th, 2021.

“In June of last year, a Sudanese migrant went on a stabbing spree in the Glasgow hotel in which he was being housed. In the attack, Badreddin Abadlla Adam injured six people, including a police officer, David Whyte, who was critically injured… The migrant had reportedly complained about his free accommodation and it was claimed that migrants at the hotel were unhappy that their free hot meals were often comprised of spaghetti or macaroni and cheese and were not ‘culturally appropriate’ for them.” – Kurt Zindulka, “Illegal boat migrants threaten ‘mob unrest’ if taxpayer-funded housing demands not met” – Breitbart, June 3rd, 2021.

“Husian, also chronicled conversations with taxi drivers, business owners, Imams and local white people about the mosques and the surrounding community, painting a worrying picture of divided communities – with white people in towns across the country admitting there are ‘no-go areas’ where they fear being physically attacked… One man in Blackburn said ‘Asian’ teenagers repeatedly ‘jumped’ his 12-year-old son in broad daylight for ‘being white’… Areas like Bolton, Dewsbury and Blackburn are described (as being) ‘a different universe’, while he observes that in parts of the cities he has visited: ‘A Muslim can spend months with no contact whatsoever with mainstream ‘white’ Britain’… (Except for the welfare office -JG) They are ‘physically in Britain but mentally living elsewhere,’ said Husain.” – Daily Mail, “British towns that are no-go areas for white people: Muslim author’s study of mosques reveals children ‘attacked for being white’, parents making families live under Taliban-like rules and women who can’t leave home without permission” – June 4th, 2021.