Random Quotations – Racial Issues – June 17th

Five items in total…

“A settler is one who journeys to an untamed wilderness, clears a path, tames it at great peril to himself, and creates a civilization for his posterity… An immigrant, on the other hand, is often one who migrates to an already created civilization, in many cases a civilization he could never create, and leeches off it.” – Douglas Mercer, “And that’s the beauty of America” – National Vanguard, June 8th, 2021.

“Integration can be defined as the period from when the first black moves in until the last white moves out… Every day a paddy wagon came from the local precinct to process the day’s catch. Sometimes we ran out of handcuffs… how liberal a person is on the topic is usually a function of his geographic distance from it.” – Mike Berman, “I was a Red-Diaper-baby” – American Renaissance, June 5th, 2021.

“My neighborhood thronged with the retarded, alcoholics, drug addicts, and the homeless, who were housed in downtown ‘group homes.’ It added to the offense that rich bureaucrats who lived in upper-class neighborhoods would put these people in my midst and keep them away from their own homes. It horrified me that these people might be reproducing. I am amazed that people consider eugenic sterilization inhumane, but don’t consider it inhumane to subject residents of downtown neighborhoods to a parade of freaks.” – Ian Jobling, “I used to think race realists were a bunch of weirdo Nazis” – American Renaissance, June 12th, 2021.

“The core belief is that White people are a different and unique kind of human and must stay separate and not mix or mate with non-Whites, or we will cease to be as we get blended in or absorbed into a different type of genome than our White genome; which stops our evolution and leads to our genocide and extinction… Avoid as much contact with other races as possible. Seek purity as a White for this is how you will evolve. The path is a White path and the Way is a White way and there is no other path and no other way for us.” – Kevin Alfred Strom, “God is a racist and he wants Whites to be White racists” – National Vanguard, June 16th, 2021.

“Black Lives Matter, a group that openly hates whites, tells us we must not say ‘all lives matter’ because that is racist language. In other words, the only lives that matter are black lives. Interestingly, that roguish gang of extortionists never comments on or actively works to deter the massive number of black lives lost, at the violent hands of other blacks, each year in major cities across the country… Yet if a black thug is killed during an encounter with a white police officer, most often when resisting arrest, it’s immediately leapt upon as a propaganda tool to bash all of white society.” – Bob Weir, “In 2021, does anyone seriously believe blacks are oppressed?” – American Renaissance, June 16th, 2021.