Random Quotations – Racial Issues – July 4th, 2021

Six items in total…

“We knew who we were (in 1900), and we knew that we were far, far better than anyone else, and we weren’t at all embarrassed by the fact that we were better. We recognized racial differences in the same way we recognized that the sun rises in the east, and we felt not the slightest need to apologize to anyone for that. Egalitarianism was a moral and mental disease that afflicted only a few of our people, despite the murderous outburst of egalitarian insanity that was the French Revolution a century earlier. Any sort of racial mixing was abhorrent to us. We looked on miscegenation with the same disgust and disapproval as on bestiality or necrophilia. We didn’t tolerate it. And we didn’t accept or trust Jews. That was our situation a century ago.” – Dr. William Pierce, “Race suicide” – White Biocentrism, Free Speech – January 2001.

“Our mania for diversity comes from the dominant philosophy of this millennium: egalitarianism, or the idea that humans are equal or should be equal – when we can observe that they are not. If whites want our civilization to survive, we must realize that diversity is one of history’s failed ideas, just like communism. When a policy produces nothing but failure, it must be stopped.” – Brett Stevens, “A declaration of independence from diversity” – American Renaissance, July 4th, 2021.

“For the racialist, ethnic conflict is a predictable, inevitable, and violent eruption of reality into the dreamlike fantasy of multiculturalism. The race riot, with its explosive unraveling of communal grudges and hostilities, can be postponed, reinterpreted, and badly explained by those in power, but, for the racialist, it cannot ever be permanently avoided; its potential is etched into the very fabric of the multicultural project.” – Andrew Joyce, Ph.D., “Remembering the 2001 English race riots” – Occidental Observer, July 3rd, 2021.

“Instead of abandoning Marxist ideas to the dustbin of history, along with the notion of a flat earth, alchemy, and phrenology, American academics have simply substituted ‘race’ for ‘class’ and relabeled Marxism as Critical Race Theory. The ‘capitalists’ have been replaced with ‘whiteness,’ and the oppressed are everyone else. The 87 years in which slavery was legal in America, along with the history of segregation and Jim Crow laws, is used a ‘proof’ of this oppression. The Emancipation Proclamation and any improvements in race relations over the years must be ignored, and the actions of those long dead to others long dead must be the focus of everyone living today.” – Malcolm Wade, “What is Critical Race Theory?” – American Thinker, July 3rd, 2021.

“Black parents often unnecessarily repeat what they say to me, do not know how to pronounce or spell basic medical terminology, and often don’t remember important medical information about their children. When black fathers do bring in children, they often do not even know why the child is there. I often hear ‘lemme call their momma real quick’ when I ask a simple question.”
“Being a clinical assistant has let me see with my own eyes the differences between the races and how they manifest at different ages. This has cemented my beliefs and affirmed my fears regarding the truths about racial differences that society refuses to face… Our society insists that everyone is exactly the same. I can say for a fact that the races are not the same, and that the differences are easily observable and extend beyond physical appearances to include language, intellect, and behavior. Ignoring racial differences is fatal to our nation.” – Cameron Sawyer, “Race differences in the clinic” – American Renaissance, June 18th, 2021.