Random Quotations – Progressivism – July 8th, 2021

Five items in total…

“The cultural and institutional power of the Left makes it the path of least resistance. This starts with seemingly harmless acts like rainbow flags on logos, ‘Black Lives Matter’ window signs, or small donations to ‘Hope Not Hate’ organizations. Even the name sounds benign – who wouldn’t prefer hope over hate?… More substantive demands soon follow, such as diversity quotas, pronoun announcements, changes in hiring standards, (as the BBC did this week offering a position on CountryFile to non-white applicants only) and ‘anti-racism’ training sessions. These are still rationalized on business grounds – such as claims they uncover undervalued talent and improve team cohesion.” – Peter Scott, “You may not be interested in Woke, but Woke is interested in you” – Patriotic Alternative, June 26th, 2021.

“Regardless of whether we call it Marxism or Critical Race Theory, the philosophy of setting people against one another can never lead to a moral or equitable society. If CRT is allowed to define us today, then we can only expect that the 21st century will bring the same horrific consequences that socialism, communism, and fascism led to in the 20th century.” – Malcolm Wade, “What is Critical Race Theory?” – American Thinker, July 3rd, 2021.

“In the usual squeaky-voiced pander much favored by the Biden Administration, Veteran Affairs Secretary Denis McDonough announced during ‘Pride Week’ that the new guidelines would create a ‘safe and caring’ environment for all veterans, while also citing the ‘dark history’ of discrimination against gay and transgender military personnel. ‘Safe and caring?’ Our military? Hope they never have to fight a real war.” – Philip Giraldi, “Who stole the people’s money?” – Unz Review, June 29th, 2021.

“Have you ever noticed how they’ve subtly made the word ‘modern’ a synonym for ‘degenerate’? As in the show Modern Family, it means not a man and a wife and three kids, or a normal home and hearth, no – ‘modern’ means two dudes or two dykes, or a dyke and dude with an understanding, or a combination thereof, and usually there’s some adopted Black girl with frizzy hair delivering peppy one-liners. So, to be fully up to date, to be au courant in the Current Year, means to be degenerate.” – Douglas Mercer, “Corrupting the youth” – National Vanguard, July 7th, 2021.

“First, it’s true that many states allow tipped employees to make less than the minimum wage. However, Minnesota is not one of those states… telling your customers you are going to begin charging them more because they are too bigoted to tip fairly might not be a winning restaurant strategy… As a former restaurant worker, I pride myself on being a generous and fair tipper, and the implication that I can’t be trusted with this responsibility doesn’t sit well with me… Finally, if Broders’ doesn’t feel restaurant workers in the back are earning enough money, there is a solution to that: pay them more.” – Jon Miltimore, “Restaurants are now adding ‘equity’ charges to customers’ checks to fight oppression” – Foundation for Economic Education, June 22nd, 2021.