Random Quotations – Black Crime – July 19th, 2021

Six items in total…

“Black lives kill innocent people. Black lives are a plague on the world, and when you actually look at the pain and destruction that black lives cause, it becomes virtually impossible to justify black lives… And some, I assume, are good people. I mean that legitimately… I don’t think every black person is bad. It’s just that on balance, they are so overwhelmingly bad, that the good blacks fail to make a dent in the larger whole of blackness…” – Andrew Anglin, “White Supremacist Asians march against White supremacist Blacks” – Unz Review, April 26th, 2021.

“Social services have launched a review after a toddler died when she was left alone for almost a week as her mother celebrated her 18th birthday… Verphy Kudi walked out on her 20-month-old daughter, Asiah, on the day she turned 18, partying across the country for six days while the child starved to death. On Friday, Kudi, now 19, admitted manslaughter.” – Gabriella Swerling, “Toddler died after being left alone for six days as mother celebrated 18th birthday” – The Telegraph, March 26th, 2021.

“To bury a story of this magnitude is truly incredible… But there are 21 stories on the front page of CNN – and this is not one of them… I have to believe that all things being equal ‘famous sports player kills local celebrity doctor and his entire family before engaging in hours-long negotiation with police and eventually shooting himself’ would be in the top 21 most important national news stories of the day… And with Facebook and Twitter able to rank and downrank stories – this just disappears.” – Andrew Anglin, “Black NFL player kills White local doctor, wife, little grandkids – media almost totally silent” – Unz Review, April 9th, 2021.

“California and New Jersey passed bills last year that outlawed ‘racist’ 911 calls. California’s bill made it a ‘hate crime’ to file a false police report based on a suspect’s race, sex, or religion. The bill also makes it a hate crime if the call is made to intimidate someone or interfere with his ‘free exercise or enjoyment of their rights.’ It’s already illegal to file a false police report, so the purpose of the law is to intimidate whites… New Jersey’s law is also designed to punish whites who may make the wrong call. ‘Using the threat of a 911 call or police report as an intimidation tactic against people of color is an unacceptable, abhorrent form of discrimination,’ Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy said last September. ‘Individuals who choose to weaponize this form of intimidation should held be accountable’.” – Robert Hampton, “Punished for stopping Black misbehavior” – American Renaissance, April 20th, 2021.

“It’s not one factory and one mall – it’s hundreds of malls, thousands of shopping centers, thousands of businesses and industrial facilities, untold neighborhoods devastated or utterly destroyed. It’s whole towns and cities and swathes of vast provinces. It’s beyond the worst nightmares and imaginations of the makers of apocalyptic games and films – and it’s real. It’s happening now. In what used to be a shining, high-technology and High Culture – a First World society, just as advanced as America.”
“The insane Black violence is mainly in Black areas, but that doesn’t mean Whites aren’t being hurt or killed. Some Whites live in Natal, the epicenter of some of the worst mayhem, but it’s considered a ‘Black area.’ There have been significant spillovers of Black savagery into Indian neighborhoods, and the calls from Indians for help from the mostly-Black police have even resulted in some Indians being threatened with arrest for ‘disrespecting’ the Black officers – all this while roving bands of Blacks are being recorded on camera using axes, bludgeons, rocks, and battering rams to break down the doors of occupied homes – the final denouements of these horrific scenes are not known, but they can’t be pretty.” – Kevin Alfred Strom, American Dissident Voices broadcast of July 17th, 2021 – National Vanguard.