Obituary Comments – August 6th, 2021

Ten items in total.

“He was a world traveler, with a passion for science, art, philosophy, politics, and Elvis.”

“Devoted Super G Triple Threat, Grammy and most recently Graham Cracker to (xxx) and (xxx).”

“(xxx) was a proud AA member for 50-plus years.”

“A cool cat teenager in the 1950s with a killer smile…”

“Donations to any animal shelter or pound would be appreciated.”

“Heaven is now welcoming the Blue Jays’ biggest fan.”

“Ex-husband of (xxx).”

“(xxx)’s superpower on earth was his affinity to consume kilos of maple fudge and not gain weight.”

“He was wearing his work gloves and muck boots and had a smile on his face.”

“She shunned television after it went digital and her existing TV wouldn’t work, refusing a modern one. She never really liked TV anyway.”