New Canadian group to study pitfalls of immigration

The Centre for Immigration Policy Reform (CIPR) will announce itself to the world with a news conference on Parliament Hill today.  This consortium of heavy-duty experts is expected to express the hope that they can head off extreme nationalism and xenophobia by bringing some form of rationality to Canada’s immigration policies, but in my opinion it may be a little too late for that.  We shall see.

In the meantime, my expectation is that in the short term they will come in for massive, vicious and unrelenting attacks from the leftist forces of ‘political correctness’ and I dread the thought of having to read that they have been forced to bow their heads in shame, apologise, surrender any Canadian honours they have won, and been made to grovel in obeisance to the vested interests of the ‘multicultural’ and ‘racism’ industries and to the hordes of politicians eager to sell the rest of us out in order to get votes.

And in the long term, if the CIPR does manage to succeed in exercising a measurable influence on Canada’s “open gates” policy, the right will begin pressuring them to do more – far more. 

In fact, I think they will find themselves shocked and perhaps even frightened at the response they are likely to receive right now from ‘traditional’ Canadians who are sick and tired of paying the freight for queue-jumpers, freeloaders, criminals, and all the other undesirables and destroyers of our country.

Most important to me, however, is that the appearance of this new group will demonstrate clearly whether or not our massive immigration problems can still be resolved by democratic means. 

Because if the Centre for Immigration Policy Reform is hounded into silence, there will be no more palatable means remaining with which to  save Canada and its Western, Christian heritage of freedom and democracy from being swamped, mongrelised and destroyed.

I don’t like that, but I do believe it.

Jeff Goodall 

Why do we feel we have to keep bringing in large numbers of migrants to fill our labour needs when there are large numbers of Canadians, aboriginals and other Canadians, out of work?”   James Bissett, former head, Canadian Immigration Dept.

Mainstream parties need to debate the issue openly, “without being called ant-immigrant and racist.”   Martin Collacott, former Ambassador and Canadian diplomat

Canadian society…needs to stop treating immigration as an untouchable ‘third rail’ that can’t be debated without prompting allegations of bigotry”   Derek Burney, former Canadian Ambassador to the U.S.

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