Obama’s presidency encourages racism

“Is it legal for the Central Intelligence Agency, for example, to advertise positions on a BlackJobs.com website only? More importantly, would they advertise on a WhiteJobs.com website?”

Official anti-White Discrimination Reaches New High in Job Market

American Third Position

Email bulletin: October 31st, 2010

Anti-white discrimination in the job market has reached a new high with no less than 87 major American companies, 15 important government agencies, and 42 institutes of higher education preferring to advertise their vacancies on a “blacks only” job website.

The companies, government departments, schools, colleges, and universities seem unconcerned that their decision to advertise on the BlackJobs.com website, which bills itself as the “largest African American jobs and career network,” means that white people are directly excluded from seeing or applying for these jobs.

The BlackJobs.com website makes its racial purpose crystal clear in its “about us” section where it states that it is “an online career center for African Americans looking for jobs, and employers and recruiters looking to hire diverse talent. Although open to the public, the positions are specifically being marketed for minority candidates to fill.”

The Columbus, Ohio-based BlackJobs.com was even recently featured on CNN as a “great tool and resource for African Americans looking to be employed.”

The CNN report gushed that the site “allows jobseekers to easily find well-paying jobs from reputable companies and organizations, and also features paid and non-paid internship opportunities for students. At no cost, users can immediately create a profile, upload their resume, and start searching for jobs.”

The site was developed by the Connect Platform, which in turn was founded by William Moss of Moss Interactive, better known as the black activist behind HBCU Connect, which claims to be the “largest online social network for black college students and alumni.”

Partners of the Connect Platform include Dante Lee of Diversity City Media, which is also based in Columbus, Ohio. Lee is best known as the founder of BlackNews.com and BlackStudents.com, as well as PR tools such as BlackPR.com, BlackExperts.com, and BlackSpeakers.com, just in case anybody was in any doubt about the racial agenda.

While it is the good right of privately-owned companies to choose who they want to hire, the situation is less clear when it comes to government agencies and institutions of higher learning, many of which depend on taxpayer funds to keep operating.

Is it legal for the Central Intelligence Agency, for example, to advertise positions on a BlackJobs.com website only? More importantly, would they advertise on a WhiteJobs.com website?

Would Kellogs be prepared to advertise on a WhiteJobs.com website? Time Warner? Deloitte & Touche? Anheuser Busch? Fedex? AT&T? The Internal Revenue Service? The U.S. Department of State? Princeton University? The University of Kentucky? Sweetwater Union High School District?

The American Third Position hereby announces that it is looking at setting up a whitejobs.com website.

After that, the list of advertisers on the BlackJobs.com website will be approached and asked, in the interests of fairness, to advertise their positions on the new website as well. Their reactions will be publicized in due course.

Note: A comprehensive list of private and government employers, and employment agencies using BlackJobs.com, has been excluded for space reasons.  See the original here.

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