Jewish extremist hatred extends to Christians too

While it is common for some Jews to spit on Christian clergy in Israel, the actual burning of a Christian church reaches a new high.  Then again, the settlers responsible think nothing of destroying crops, attacking villages and mosques, and emptying sewage tanks over Palestinian farmland, quite apart from killing civilians and destroying their dwellings.

The only reason Christians get off so lightly in the “Jewish State” is the need for support from the overwhelmingly Christian West.  Then again, that hasn’t stopped the occasional burning of New Testaments, see here.

In my opinion, “Christian Zionism” is a contradiction in terms, and its practitioners are just ‘useful idiots’ who will be scornfully discarded when no longer needed.


Jeff Goodall

Jewish Settlers Burn Old Church in Jerusalem


October 31st, 2010

Group of extremist Jewish settlers set a one hundred year old Christian church on fire in Jerusalem on Friday causing substantial damage to its first floor.
Zakaria Al-Mashriqi, a leader in the church, denounced in a press release the “sinful crime” that targets destabilizing relations among heavenly religions and inciting strife in addition to expelling Palestinians from the holy city through such repeated attacks on citizens and their property.
He added that the church was built in Jerusalem in 1897, and housed the Palestinian Bible College until 1948, when parishioners were pushed out by Jewish armed gangs during the violence accompanying the creation of the state of Israel.
He said that right-wing Israeli settlers broke a number of windows of the two-storey church and hurled Molotov cocktails inside it completely burning the first floor.
Mashriqi appealed for urgent intervention to protect the holy places in Jerusalem and called on the Israeli government to act responsibly and condemn the attack, and work on investigating the attack to find out who was involved and file charges in the case.

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