Toronto’s rip-off sale of houses to Wigwamen in jeopardy?

“…Mayor-elect Rob Ford met with TCHC (Toronto Community Housing) over the sale of the (twenty) homes to Wigwamen for $395,156 — well below their appraised value of $8.6 million.”

Disgusting.  They already qualify for welfare and social housing, why should they have additional ‘social housing’ opportunities through Wigwamen?  If they want to live as Indians, they can stay on their reservations.  And if they want to move into the cities, they can take the crap with the rest of us.

What with Caledonia, road blockades, Oka, and the $7 billion dollars spent annually on them by Indian Affairs, I fear that the taxpayers are becoming thoroughly sick and tired of their incessant demands, and this could lead to a nasty backlash.

Enough is enough!  Stop the housing sale rip-off now.

Jeff Goodall

Sale of city-owned homes in limbo 

Toronto Sun

Terry Davidson: Oct. 29th, 2010 

A controversial deal to sell 20 city-owned homes to a Native social housing group at bargain-basement prices is in limbo.

Toronto Community Housing was tight-lipped Friday on the fate of the deal that was supposed to close Friday.

News that it didn’t go through came several hours after Mayor-elect Rob Ford met with TCHC over the sale of the homes to Wigwamen for $395,156 — well below their appraised value of $8.6 million.

TCHC told them Friday the sale would not be able to proceed as planned, Wigwamen’s Glen Jennings said, attributing the change to the complexity of the numbers involved and a disagreement with TD Bank over the social housing group’s choice of lawyer.

But he expects the sale to go through once the complications are ironed out, Jennings said.

The sale of 16 of the 20 houses was supposed to take place on Friday, and the other four at a later date.

Wigwamen was to repair them and agree to use them for low-rent housing for the next 25 years.

The sale not going through was unrelated to Friday’s meeting with Ford, said the TCHC’s Mitzie Hunter.

“We have all of the necessary approvals in place … however the transfer is subject to certain conditions being met, and we are in the process of working that through with Wigwamen … that’s all I can say at this point,” said Hunter, declining to elaborate.

Ford has questioned whether the dirt-cheap sale of the houses — worth an average of $430,000 and in prime locations of the city — is good for Toronto.

“I want answers,” Ford told the Toronto Sun’s Joe Warmington on Thursday. “I definitely want to know why it is we are giving away something for free that we could make a lot of money on for the taxpayers.”

Ford met with TCHC CEO Keiko Nakamura for 40 minutes Friday morning for an “information-gathering” session.

“(Nakamura) briefed Rob on the facts, and it was a good meeting,” said Ford spokesman Mark Towhey.

“I think we understand what’s going on, and when Rob becomes mayor … I think he’ll meet with her again to look at how they go forward with future opportunities like this.”

Councillor Mike Del Grande is firmly against the deal and said the city should get out of it if it’s not too late.

“The taxpayer has paid for these, and to give them away does not make any sense to me. We should have our lawyers have a second look at it.”

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