Canada pussyfooting over flotilla assault

With Prime Minister Stephen Harper having declared himself a friend and supporter of Israel, it should be no surprise that our government is taking a ‘wait and see’ stand on Israel’s bloody assault against the Gaza flotilla.

Although much of the world has been quick to express condemnation, and ambassadors are being summoned around the world to explain Israel’s actions, Harper’s spokesman Minitri Soudas says only that “Canada deeply regrets the loss of life and the injuries suffered…we are currently looking for more information in order to shed light on what exactly happened.”

It should be pretty damn obvious what happened; Israel committed an act of piracy in international waters.  And if, as we are increasingly being told, the activists responded with force after being boarded, then they had every right under international law to do so.

Typical Canadian pussyfooting.  Wait to see which side of the debate comes out on top, and then issue pious pronouncements guaranteed to attract only approval and praise; no guts at all.

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Jeff Goodall