The Case for Revocation of AIPAC’s Tax Exemption

The Case for Revocation of Tax Exemption 

This is a PDF document.  It can be printed or read, but not copied. 

The “Case for Revocation” lists the activities of AIPAC and its predecessors from 1948 to the present.  It is a lengthy read, but well worth the trouble.

Here are some quotes from the “Executive Summary” of the document:

“AIPAC’s founder left the Israeli government after agreeing with its representatives to lobby for aid and support in the United States.  He formed a lobbying division for the American Zionist Council (AZC) and managed to escape the 1938 Forign Agents Registration Act for over a decade until the Department of Justice ordered the AZC to begin registering as an Israeli foreign agent in 1962.”

“AIPAC’s activities have led to many costly law enforcement actions as different regulators attempted to limit its harmful impact on society.  AIPACS earliest ‘educational’ activities helped spur nuclear proliferation in the Middle East, in direct opposition to official U.S. policy, while its foreign-funded propaganda campaigns undermined the U.S. news media, academia and freedom of speech.”

“Acting on the evidence contained in this complaint is a litmus test for whether the U.S. is a country functioning under the rule of law, or under the power and influence of groups of highly organised individuals who operate above the law”.

See the full text of the “Case for Revocation” here.

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