China’s war against the dollar

And here I am, disgustingly pleased about my 46 oz. of silver!  Gold has been  impossible to buy for the last few months, and silver is very scarce as the ‘big boys’ have pretty-much guzzled it all up. 

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I won’t take responsibility for your dealings with them, but mine have been consistently good. 

Jeff Goodall 

China reveals its secret gold hoard 

Financial Post

Gus Lubin: Dec. 2nd, 2010

The Shanghai Gold Exchange revealed today it had imported nearly 500% more gold in the past ten months than it did in all of last year, according to Bloomberg.

That’s 209 tonnes of gold already, compared to 45 tonnes last year.

Early this year, people speculated that China, which does not regularly reveal gold data, was a key force driving the market higher this year.

It turns out they are. Chinese are buying gold as a check against rampant inflation. Moreover, it’s a way to check inflation while keeping the yuan low and continuing the currency war.

Meanwhile, gold is up to 1398.50 and approaching a new high

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