Onward Christian Soldiers!

For many years now, we have been under attack by intolerant people who tell us that our celebrating the birth of Christ is offensive to them.

And even if you are a ‘lapsed’ Christian, don’t think for one minute that you are not under attack like the rest of us.  Christianity is considered part of the White European ‘identity’, and an attack on Christianity is an attack on us all. 

Personally, I find the supremacist aspects of Judaism very disturbing, with the notion of being ‘God’s Chosen Ones’ used to justify the dispossession, subjugation and slaughter of the Palestinians, not to mention the parasitical stranglehold exerted on the United States, and the resulting extraction of vast sums of economic, diplomatic, and military aid to advance Israel’s interests. 

If you want to know how the world will be for Europeans and everyone else in it if the Jews were ever to attain world dominance, just take a look at the Gaza Strip.

And similar concerns apply with the Muslim religion.  Their murderous intolerance of infidels and apostates, and standing orders to convert, enslave or kill unbelievers, render its practitioners totally unsuitable to live in tolerant, civilised societies.  As their numbers increase in Europe and the English-speaking world, their calls for Sharia law, with all of its accompanying discriminations and cruelties, will become ever more demanding and threatening.

Both Judaism and Islam are capable of extreme violence and genocide, and the Koran and the Old Testament bear lavish witness to that.

I tend to keep my mouth shut when others celebrate or otherwise mark their religious observances, while keeping in mind the underlying realities.

But, I do wonder why we allow Jewish organisations, and Jews in positions of authority, (e.g. Mel Lastman and Bob Rae while Mayor of Toronto and Premier of Ontario respectively), to forbid our saying “Merry Christmas” to each other, and to otherwise ban any display of joy at the birth of Christ. 

And while they force us to downplay outward celebrations of our most important Holy days, they insist on having large Menorahs prominently displayed on public property such as legislative buildings and city halls.

They have no respect for us, and while that does not justify our being as ignorant and intolerant as they are, it is time for us to assert ourselves and to stop being taken advantage of.

There has been quite enough turning of the other cheek.  Now is the time for a rousing chorus of “Onward Christian Soldiers!” and a return to the exercise of our religious and democratic rights against those who seek to destroy our religious and cultural symbols and, through them, our very souls and identity.

Jeff Goodall