Israel rails against recognition of Palestinian state

If Ireland’s welcome move to upgrade their level of diplomatic recognition for Palestine is a result of “longstanding slanted policy”, then what about the other nine European and eight South American countries which have already recognised a Palestinian State, or are expected to do so in the near future?

Do they possess “longstanding slanted policies” as well?

Instead of sour grapes, maybe the Israelis need to come to the realisation that they are judged on their actions, and that their brutal occupation, subjugation, and ethnic cleansing of what used to be Palestine is being rejected and condemned by more and more countries as they become sickened by Israel’s decades-long intransigence at the negotiating table, and the frequent use of modern military arms against defenceless civilians.

Claiming ‘victimhood’ doesn’t wash too well, either. Israel possesses one of the world’s largest nuclear arsenals, and is solidly backed by American economic, military, and diplomatic support.

To suggest that Israel is a ‘victim’ is ludicrous.

And as for the notion that the Nazi holocaust justifies the slaughter and dispossession of the Palestinians, just how stupid does the Israeli government think we are? The people of the world do not share their immoral double standards.

Other countries will stop criticising Israel when it ceases its crimes against humanity, and not before.

Jeff Goodall 

Ireland upgrades status of Palestinian mission to embassy

Palestinian delegation in Ireland will be upgraded to an official embassy, following France and Spain; U.K., Sweden, Belgium, Finland, Germany and Denmark expected to follow.


Barak Ravid: January 25th, 2011

The Irish government announced on Tuesday the decision to upgrade the Palestinian diplomatic status in the country to the status of an official embassy, joining a growing list of European countries that have made the same diplomatic move, including France and Spain.

Last month the Foreign Ministry ordered every Israeli envoy abroad to begin “urgent” diplomatic activity after reports reached Jerusalem that the Palestinian Authority was trying to persuade about a dozen European Union member states to upgrade the PA’s diplomatic status.

The Israeli assessment is that Britain, Sweden, Belgium, Finland, Germany, Denmark, Malta, Luxembourg, Austria and perhaps other states are considering a similar move.

In response to the announcement, the Foreign Ministry issued a statement saying that Israel expressed regret over Ireland’s decision, adding that “we are not surprised by this move in light of the Ireland’s longstanding slanted policy with regards to the Israel-Palestinian conflict.”

“The Irish move does not help the peace process, as it strengthens the Palestinian illusion that the Palestinians can advance their interests without returning to the negotiations table,'” the Foreign Ministry statement read.

Meanwhile, Peru on Monday announced that it had recognized a Palestinian state, joining a growing number of Latin American countries in making an endorsement the United States has called premature.

Israel has warned that declarations by Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Bolivia, Ecuador and Guyana could undermine the Middle East peace process.

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