‘Refugee’ prescription rip-off

I don’t much care about the disputes over payment arrangements.

What does bother me is that there is obviously a substantial number of ‘refugees’ receiving free drugs at taxpayers’ expense, and what those drugs are for: diabetes, cancer, sexually-transmitted diseases, tuberculosis.

In urging Quebec’s pharmacists to continue filling the prescriptions, Jason Kenney is quoted as expressing concern about “the health of vulnerable immigrants in Quebec, as well as the public at large.”

Perhaps he should limit his concern to the ‘vulnerability’ of Canadians to these sick and diseased refugees, particularly those with sexually transmitted diseases and tuberculosis.

To what extent are the other provinces involved, and what is the overall cost to Canada of this programme?

Obviously, reaching Canada and saying the magic words “I am a refugee” opens the door to free drugs and medical treatment, no matter how expensive, and I don’t doubt that ‘medical refugees’ are well-represented in the overall total. Indeed, for us to provide such free and generous services actually creates a market for medical refugees, with the resulting surge in numbers and ballooning costs to the taxpayer – not to mention the formidable health risks to which we are being exposed in consequence.

We cannot try to save the world. It is hopeless to attempt it, and we ourselves will eventually be swamped by those we encourage to come here to prey on our gullibility and misplaced ‘humanitarianism’.

Maybe we need to start demonstrating in the streets, and to use our democratic rights to convince the government to look after us, not the myriads of opportunistic foreigners flocking here for a free ride at our expense.

Jeff Goodall. 

Quebec pharmacists fight feds over refugees 

Toronto Sun

Laura Payton: January 27th, 2011 

OTTAWA – Quebec’s pharmacists are hitting back against the feds in an increasingly vicious fight over prescription coverage for refugees.

The dispute’s over reimbursements for drugs prescribed to refugees.

The pharmacists say they aren’t being reimbursed fast enough, or at all, and want the government to sign an agreement with the AQPP, the professional association that represents them, laying out deadlines and exactly which drugs are covered.

Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney implied in a statement Thursday the pharmacists were refusing to serve refugees. He urged them to continue filling the prescriptions, listing “important medications, such as insulin, chemotherapy drugs and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases or tuberculosis.

“Anything less than this will compromise the health of vulnerable immigrants in Quebec, as well as the public at large,” he said.

Danielle Grondin, the head of the department’s health management branch, says she’s tried to meet with the AQPP but they’ve refused. And she says a new system introduced Jan. 17 takes care of all their complaints, including telling them on the spot whether the feds cover the drug being dispensed.

But a spokesman for the AQPP says that’s not true. The AQPP says they never asked their members to stop serving refugees and contend the new system still doesn’t tell them which drugs are covered under the program. Vincent Forcier says Kenney has refused to meet with them, and Grondin wanted to meet with them only to explain the new system, not to negotiate an agreement.

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