Hate-crimes overkill

The Canadian Nazi Party leader John Beattie used to describe himself as “an Israel bond salesman”. 

Be that as it may, there is no doubt whatsoever that “hate crimes” have a disturbing habit of increasing proportionately to the perceived need for money to fight them, and there are many documented cases of “hate-crimes” being committed by some Jews in order to advance their cause by instilling unnecessary fear and distress into their Jewish compatriots.

In “Jewish Internet Defense Force: Not so powerful after all” (link below) I stated:

“I find it appalling that some people in the Jewish community take it upon themselves to inflate perceived threats to the Jews, and then self-righteously exploit the unnecessary fears they create to nurture and grow an ‘industry’ which provides a steady income from donations, and a platform for the sale of novelty goods and other items.

“On several occasions, incidents of ‘anti-Semitism’ have been subsequently discovered to have been staged by Jews, and whether it was intended or not, the effect often is to needlessly upset those who suffered in the holocaust, and their families, and to legitimise the “anti-Semitic/racist” industry.

“These two different types of activity create a flood of donations with which to fund efforts to destroy freedom of speech, through pressure tactics and lobbying for legislative changes.

“This gratuitous upset, and the accompanying attempts to curtail majority freedoms, and to stifle debate and the free exchange of ideas, is intensely annoying to the rest of us and can result in the creation of anti-Semitic sentiments where none previously existed.

“In my opinion, the world will be a much better place for all of us, Jewish and otherwise, if the Jewish Internet Defense Force and the rest of this hugely irresponsible “industry” is shut down for good.”

I am very happy to hear voices of reason within the Jewish community standing up to these malicious scare-mongers. 

Jeff Goodall.

B’nai B’rith to bubbies and zadies: Anti-Semitism is everywhere! (Give us money)

National Post
Jonathan Kay: April 11th, 2011

Dear lord, is it that time of year again — when B’nai Brith gives us its predictable catalog of horrors purporting to show Canada to be a frothing sea of Jew-hatred? Apparently, it is.

When I wrote on the subject last year, I noted that even other Jewish groups “are tired of B’nai Brith peddling old Fiddler on the Roof stereotypes of the Jews as an endlessly persecuted minority, always one step away from the next pogrom.”

What’s B’nai Brith’s motive for all its cynical scaremongering? As I argued in 2010, “Older Jews with dark historical memories become terrified, and the donations to B’nai Brith come rolling in.” And sure enough, the front page of B’nai Brith’s web site this morning bore these words: “With the number of antisemitic incidents increasing almost five-fold in the last decade, and a virtual explosion of internet hate fueling such anti-Jewish activity, the work of B’nai Brith Canada is more important than ever. Make your donation now.”

The wonderful reality is that Canada is probably the least anti-Semitic nation on the face of the earth — despite the appearance of a few stray ugly comments, internet postings and acts of vandalism. It’s sad that some NGOs feel the need to manipulate fading fears as a fundraising tactic.

National Post

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