No ‘spring spheres’ in Oshawa!

“I already had Easter this morning…At grandma’s we are getting more candy too” – Elisa.

Oshawa airport hopping with activity on Easter Sunday

Oshawa This Week

Don Campbell: April 24th, 2011

More than 2,000 turn out for community event

The crowds of children who turned up for the Easter egg hunt at the Oshawa airport were met by more than nice weather Sunday afternoon.

They were greeted by the Easter bunny who arrived not by hopping, but on a two-seater airplane, landing in front of an eager crowd waiting for the festivities to begin.

Shortly after landing, the furry one walked to the middle of the field and lowered a paw to signal the egg hunt was on.

Kim Duffield, Oshawa Airport Lions Club member and event organizer, said the Easter event fits into the club’s mandate of supporting the community.

“It’s important that we offer events for all families regardless of whether they can pay or not,” she said. “We just wanted to make sure no one was left out.”

It was the second year the Lions Club sponsored event was hosted at the airport. In addition to the egg hunt there was face painting, free music lessons and guided tours of various airplanes parked at the airport by pilots who were on hand for the event.

There was also plenty of food including hamburgers and hot dogs, drinks and plenty of tasty treats for the kids.

The Royal Canadian Air Cadets were on duty to help with the egg hunt, while members of police officers and firefighters were also on hand for the event.

Lions Club volunteers prepared more than 4,000 eggs for the event, which were hidden in the field behind the airport’s landing strip for children to search out.

It was the main reason five-year-old Sam Klosler was there with his two sisters.

“I found two eggs” he said, holding a green and pink plastic egg freshly plucked from the field.

Elisa Marks, seven, was there with her whole family including aunts, uncles and cousins. Her family stopped by for the event before heading over to their grandparents house for dinner.

“I already had Easter this morning,” said Elisa, who was wearing a bright pink outfit to mark the occasion. “At grandma’s we are getting more candy too,” she said with a smile.

As for the threat of dealing with her children’s potential sugar high – which can be any young parent’s worst nightmare – Liz Atherley was not worried as long as it was for one day only.

“I am keeping an eye on how much they eat,” she said. “Hopefully they won’t be hyper all day.”

Those in attendance could make a donation to the Lions Club, with proceeds going to support community causes such as the guide dogs program.

Ms. Duffield said the plan is to keep adding activities and make it an annual event, with the hope that next year they will have an area where children can meet some lion cubs.

“It’s just a great family event, especially for the children,” she said.

Karen Shieres, who was there with her daughter Melanie, four, and son Kaden, six, was at last year’s event and said her kids enjoyed it.

“It’s neat to have the Easter bunny fly in on an airplane, my kids were excited about that,” she said.

While her children already had an Easter egg hunt in the morning, she said getting outdoors and taking in some of the other activities really put a cap an already fun-filled day for her family.

“We are having lunch with our family after, so it will be a busy day,” she said. “But spending time with family is what Easter is all about.”

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