“High technology is at the greatest risk, with several cases of theft of Canadian proprietary information and/or technology being investigated by Canadian authorities. It is believed that a Chinese employee stole nuclear technology information from Ontario Hydro.”

Jeff Goodall,  ‘Fight Back’: Toronto Free Press, Oct. 18th to Nov. 5th, 2001. 

Last issue I referred to a visit by a Chinese delegation to Sid Ryan’s CUPE Ontario offices. I also speculated as to the possibility that the People’s Republic of China (PRC) may have an interest in funding organizations such as CUPE (Canadian Union of Public Employees), and OCAP (Ontario Coalition Against Poverty). OCAP members recently trashed Ontario Finance Minister Jim Flaherty’s office in Whitby, and these organizations seem hell-bent on destroying democracy, by violence if necessary, and imposing their own brand of Marxism on us. Anyone interested in undermining the fabric of our society would want to help them as much as possible.

After the article was published, my attention was drawn to the joint RCMP-CSIS operation known as Sidewinder, which culminated in 1997’s report of the same name. Sidewinder explored the extent of hostile PRC penetration of Canada and was never released, perhaps because of the explosive implications and political fear of a backlash by the hundreds of thousands of Canadian citizens of Chinese origin. Sidewinder was sidelined, and a watered-down version known as Echo was issued a year or two later. Enough of Sidewinder has leaked out, or been obtained under the federal Access to Information Act, that a wealth of information is now available on the Internet. And, it will make your hair stand on end.

According to an article by Randy Richmond in the London Free Press on September 20th, 2000: “A dangerous network of Chinese triads, the Communist government and Hong Kong tycoons have infiltrated all elements of Canadian Society, threatening the country’s national security… Backed by millions of dollars and thousands of followers, weapons and heroin are being smuggled into Canada while high-tech secrets, financial control and money, are sent back to China…” Alliance MP Jim Abbott is quoted as saying, “The Canadian public would be so astounded by this report they would find it unbelievable… I see this is a nationally explosive issue that has tremendous implications corporately and politically from top to bottom… There is a very malevolent influence against the political process.”

The relinquishing of Hong Kong to China by the British resulted in a mass migration of Chinese entrepreneurs who did not want to live under Communism. The stream of economic refugees to the West provided cover for criminals and members of China’s intelligence services. The targets are largely economic, designed to obtain financial clout in the Canadian economy, and to obtain high-tech information of use to the People’s Liberation Army. Indeed, it is quite possible that companies under Chinese government control could obtain research grants from the Canadian government, then ship the fruits of the research to China after we have paid for it. Defence contracts might be awarded to companies ultimately controlled by the People’s Liberation Army. Additionally, companies under Chinese government control obtain political influence by making substantial donations to Canadian political parties.

Some highlights of information available on the Internet are as follows:

*The state-owned China International Trust Investment Corp. (CITIC) has a subsidiary in Canada. It has spent about $500 million to buy a Canadian pulp mill, a petro-chemical company, real estate and hotels.

*Large amounts of arms manufactured by a CITIC-controlled company have been confiscated on Mohawk reserves.

*Officials from two CITIC-controlled firms were investigated in the U.S. after 2,000 AK-47 assault rifles and other weapons, believed destined for native warrior groups, were found in a California warehouse.

*A financial and resource company under Chinese control donated more than $120,000 to the Progressive Conservative and Liberal parties in the 90s. Many such companies make donations in the tens of thousands of dollars.

*Triad members are involved in China’s food industry and one company with branches across North America is suspected of importing heroin from Hong Kong. Company officials maintain regular contact with Chinese military and trade representatives in Canada.

*A Canadian company has alleged that a former employee who had served in the Chinese military stole information on energy technology and sold it to the Chinese government.

*High technology is at the greatest risk, with several cases of theft of Canadian proprietary information and/or technology being investigated by Canadian authorities. It is believed that a Chinese employee stole nuclear technology information from Ontario Hydro.

*A company owned by a Chinese-Canadian sponsored a “business delegation” to Canada. The delegation was made up of PRC Ministry of State security officials who came to Canada to conduct an intelligence operation. Many companies in Canada have been set up to provide cover for spying operations.

It is difficult to express the extent of the danger we are in. The problem is that our political leaders seem unable or unwilling to face up to the magnitude of the problem and take the necessary action to root out those using our Chinese “community” as a cover for economic and military espionage. According to an Intelligence Digest article, “Sidewinder says, Red China’s business leaders will buy a Canadian company to obtain a ‘local identity’ before investing heavily or buying other companies in key economic sectors… their influence over local, provincial and national leaders has also increased… In the game of influence, several of these important Chinese entrepreneurs have associated themselves with prestigious and influential Canadian politicians, in turn providing them with positions on their board of directors.”

I will write more on the subject, and I strongly suggest that anyone with access to the Internet do some research. Only through public pressure can we force the government to act, and only through knowledge and awareness can we arm ourselves for the coming struggle.

Jeff Goodall.