Outrage! Criticism of Israel called ‘Anti-Semitic’

“…Canada is turning into a hotbed of antisemitic activity, especially on university campuses.”

“…Kenney thanked the coalition (Canadian Parliamentary Coalition to Combat Antisemitism) for its efforts and praised the document for shedding light on the “uniquely durable evil that is antisemitism.”

“…the report highlights what the coalition terms the “new antisemitism” namely, the attempt to brand Israel as a criminal state “to further traditional antisemitic themes.”

You get the general idea… Of course, the best way to stop “anti-Semitism” by far would be for Israel to stop slaughtering the occupants of Gaza, to stop running the “occupied territories” as prison camps, and to make a just and equitable peace with the victims of its creation.

Israel was born of terrorism, has expanded its borders mightily by militarism and ethnic cleansing, and continues its policies of brutal occupation and dispossession to this day.

Unless Israel is totally perfect in every respect then criticism is called for, and such criticism cannot by any stretch of imagination automatically be classed as “evil” and “hatred”. And, Israel is anything but perfect, as seen in its “Jews only” roads and cities, ‘de facto’ Apartheid, and utter disregard for the human life and property of others.

That Canada’s Prime Minister and government can unquestioningly support such an appalling country, to the extent of restricting the free speech rights of its own citizens, is cause for massive concern about our political integrity and our image throughout the world.

Elsewhere in The Canadian Jewish News we find the article “Canada won’t support Palestinian’s statehood bid” in which Chris Day, the spokesperson for Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird, is quoted as saying: “The only solution to this conflict is one negotiated between and agreed to by the two parties…One of the states must be a Jewish state and recognized as such, while the Palestinian state is to be a non-militarized one.”

How utterly illogical and unrealistic. Does our Foreign Minister really expect the Palestinians to agree to such a lop-sided settlement, which would give the diplomatic seal of approval to their present sad state of affairs? Does anyone really think that achieving statehood will stop Israeli exploitation and repression?

Ask the Lebanese, they have been invaded twice with many thousands of deaths and massive destruction of infrastructure. Israel has no respect for statehood.  And, curiously, it is the only country in the world which refuses to define its national borders.  

I’m sure they will tell us when they are satisfied, if that point is ever reached…

This whole premise that to criticize Israel is to be anti-Semitic reeks of bias and intolerance.

Enough, already!

Jeff Goodall.

Antisemitism rising in Canada, parliamentary inquiry says

Canadian Jewish News

Andy Levy-Ajzenkopf: July 12th, 2011

The final report of the Canadian Parliamentary Coalition to Combat Antisemitism (CPCCA) states Canada is turning into a hotbed of antisemitic activity, especially on university campuses.

The coalition released the 80-page report on July 7 after nearly two years of hearings on the subject, and is calling on the government to do more to fight the spread of antisemitism in the country.

In February 2009, 125 parliamentarians from more than 40 countries gathered in London for the inaugural conference of the Inter-parliamentary Committee for Combating Antisemitism (ICCA).

The Canadian coalition is associated with this committee, and was formed in March 2009 in the aftermath of the London conference.

That conference produced The London Declaration for Combating Antisemitism, which required conference participants to return to their respective legislatures and establish inquiries into the “existing nature and state of antisemitism in their countries and developing recommendations for government and civil society action.”

The CPCCA inquiry panel was led by former Liberal MP for Davenport, Mario Silva, and Conservative MP for Lanark-Frontenac-Lennox and Addington, Scott Reid. The coalition is also led by Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney and its international steering committee chair, Irwin Cotler, Liberal MP for Mont Royal.

In a statement after the report’s release, Kenney thanked the coalition for its efforts and praised the document for shedding light on the “uniquely durable evil that is antisemitism.

“I applaud the CPCCA’s work in this regard, and I call on all Canadians to reject antisemitism. All forms of racism, discrimination and intolerance and xenophobia are unacceptable and completely contrary to Canada’s fundamental values,” he said.

In addition to outlining the various forms of antisemitism through the ages, the report highlights what the coalition terms the “new antisemitism” namely, the attempt to brand Israel as a criminal state “to further traditional antisemitic themes.

“These manifestations use the discourse of politics but, in fact, constitute masked hatred,” the report states.

In looking at the rise of antisemitic incidents on university campuses, the CPCCA report states that increasingly, “Jewish students are ridiculed and intimidated for any deemed support” for Israel, which is claimed by its detractors to have no right to exist.

“While traditional antisemitic acts, such as desecration of Jewish gravestones and firebombing of Jewish schools are easy to identify, identifying the point at which anti-Israel discourse becomes antisemitism is not always clear. This makes it a very sophisticated and insidious form of discrimination, meriting closer examination,” the document states.

Canadian Jewish organizations also hailed the document.

Shimon Fogel, CEO of the Canadian Council for Israel and Jewish Advocacy, said his organization was gladdened by the report.

“We are gratified that the coalition’s report identifies a line beyond which criticism of Israel loses all semblance of fairness or reason. Such criticism is nothing less than an assault on Israel’s legitimacy as the homeland of the Jewish people,” he said in a statement.

“The report is therefore a significant document not just for Jewish Canadians, but for all Canadians. For as history has repeatedly proven, a society unsafe for Jews is ultimately unsafe for democracy.”

Avi Benlolo, president and CEO of the Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center, was also supportive of the document.

In a statement last week, he called the reports findings “sadly consistent with those of other studies, including the recent Statistics Canada report regarding the increase in hate crimes in this country” against Jews.

“I am pleased to see this issue gaining some much needed attention and look forward to both government and grassroots community efforts to assist FSWC in addressing this resurgence in antisemitic activity,” he said.

To read the full report, visit here.

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