New Zealand – John Key’s Jewish/Internationalist background

Coming through loud and clear in the current controversy over accusations of Mossad activity in New Zealand is what I see as a ‘disconnect’ between the actions and suspicions of the New Zealand police and SIS security agency, who feared that Israeli spies had used last February’s massive earthquake as ‘cover’ to try to compromise New Zealand’s computerized police records, and Prime Minister John Key’s repeated denials of any wrongdoing.

The operation appears to have involved using a ‘Zaka’ search and rescue team which penetrated the closed-off “red zone” in downtown Christchurch, plus a team of forensic analysts sent by the Israeli government, which worked on victim identification in the morgue.

As the latter could have accessed the national police computer database, an urgent security audit was ordered. As a New Zealand security officer said: “…it would take only moments for a USB drive to be inserted in a police computer terminal and loaded with a program allowing remote backdoor access.”

While this appears speculative, New Zealand’s security services had been burned once in the very nasty incident which took place in 2004, when New Zealand jailed two suspected Mossad agents for attempts to obtain passports fraudulently. Diplomatic sanctions were also imposed on Israel as a result, and the police and SIS have since been highly suspicious of anything Israeli.

The situation is particularly suspicious when one takes into account the extraordinary interest taken in these events by Israel’s “Ambassador in the South Pacific” and the fact that he immediately left Australia to fly to Christchurch, to the morgue.

This appears to be a desperate attempt to evaluate the situation, and to facilitate the devising and implementation of damage-control measures.

Why is this issue surfacing now, five months after the events in question? In my opinion, it is entirely possible that elements of New Zealand’s counter-espionage establishment are unhappy with Prime Minister John Key’s covering up any possibility of hostile Israeli activity, and are starting to spill the beans.

And John Key, raised by a Jewish mother and thus himself technically Jewish, may find himself torn between conflicting loyalties; or quite possibly not, if one takes into account his career prior to politics, including involvement in international finance, and a stint at the Foreign Exchange Committee of the New York Federal Reserve Bank.

And what possible motivation could a man earning as much as $2 million a year have, to switch to the considerably less remunerative field of politics?

All in all, it seems highly suspicious to me.

Below is a series of relevant quotes from John Key’s “Wikipedia” entry, for which multiple references are supplied. As you peruse them, things will begin to fall into place.

Jeff Goodall.

“Key was born in Auckland, New Zealand, only son of George Key and Ruth Key (née Lazar), on 9 August 1961. His father was an immigrant from Britain, and a veteran of the Spanish Civil War and World War II. He died of a heart attack in 1967. Key and his two sisters were raised in a state house in Christchurch by his Austrian-Jewish immigrant mother.” (Emphasis added – JG)

“Key attends church frequently but is agnostic when it comes to belief in God. He has stated that he does not believe in life after death, and that he sees religion as ‘doing the right thing’. Key’s wife, Bronagh (née Dougan) Key, is the daughter of Northern Irish emigrants of mixed religious descent. Key is the third prime minister or premier of New Zealand (after Julius Vogel and Francis Bell) with Jewish ancestry.”

“In 1995, he joined Merrill Lynch as head of Asian foreign exchange in Singapore. That same year he was promoted to Merrill’s global head of foreign exchange, based in London, where he may have earned around US$2.25 million a year including bonuses, which is about NZ$5 million at 2001 exchange rates. Some co-workers called him “the smiling assassin” for maintaining his usual cheerfulness while sacking dozens (some say hundreds) of staff after heavy losses from the 1998 Russian financial crisis. He was a member of the Foreign Exchange Committee of the New York Federal Reserve Bank from 1999 to 2001.” (Emphasis added – JG)

“On 25 July 2008, Key was added to the New Zealand National Business Review (NBR) Rich List for the first time. The list details the wealthiest New Zealand individuals and family groups. Key had an estimated wealth of NZ$50 million. Key is the wealthiest New Zealand Member of Parliament.”

“During the Egyptian Revolution of 2011, Key was a proponent of Hosni Mubarak’s government, citing his support of Israel and refusing to call for his resignation. When asked if Mubarak should step down, he said ‘no’.”

“Key came under fire in the New Zealand Parliament in August 2007, when the Government claimed that had Key been Prime Minister at the time, he would have sent troops to Iraq.”

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