Now let’s put the Red Ensign back up where it belongs!

Too bad the Toronto Sun doesn’t follow through and demand the return of the Red Ensign under which so many wars were fought. They are obviously aware of the initial injustice, but simply ignore it while praising the return of “Royal” to our Navy and Air Force.

Many years ago I wrote a letter to the Toronto Sun criticizing the pathetic red-and-white bunting known as “Pearson’s Pennant” and praising the Union Jack, with its history, traditions, and mingling of Christian flags. That raised many hackles, and then-editor John Downing had the Mickey-Mouse “Maple Leaf” flag added to the top of the front page for I think maybe a couple of years after that.

Anyway, a little consistency, please! Canada is a land of opportunity founded by the British and French, together with other White European Christians. Let’s put the proper flag back up where it belongs, and anyone who doesn’t like it is welcome to leave.

Jeff Goodall.

Returning to our ‘Royal’ tradition

Toronto Sun

Editorial: August 16th, 2011

Since it was UFO-embracing defence minister Paul Hellyer, under Liberal prime minister Lester Pearson, who yanked the “Royal” out from under our armed forces back in 1968, Sun Media welcomes sanity’s return to Earth.

Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper has done what Brian Mulroney should have done during his first majority — and that’s return the Royal honourific to our military.

Forty-plus years was too long to wait.

In Halifax on Tuesday, 100 years to the day that King George granted Royal Consent to call the Naval Service of Canada the Royal Canadian Navy, Defence Minister Peter MacKay returned tradition and history to the forefront.

No longer will we have the bureaucratic nothingness of Maritime Command, Air Command and Land Force Command.

Now it will be — again — the Royal Canadian Navy, the Royal Canadian Air Force and the Canadian Army, a segment of our defence forces that never historically wore the Royal tag.

We salute MacKay for that.

Deja vu is not always a negative.

On Monday, retired Major-General Lewis Mackenzie also saluted the Harper government’s move, indicating that his generation in the military were trained by the proud veterans of the Second World War and Korea, and that young members in the military will also embrace the return of tradition to their military branches.

The army, which never had the Royal tag, never stopped having a Royal association — the Royal 22nd (VanDoos), the Royal Canadian Regiment, the Royal Canadian Armoured Corps and the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry.

Two world wars, plus Korea, were fought with the Royal insignia on the uniform of our military, and for Pearson-Hellyer to tear them off supposedly to save money was a slap in the face to the sacrifices of tens of thousands who never returned from those battlefields.

To them, the heritage of war meant nothing.

Hellyer, as it turned out, believed more in UFOs and protecting aliens from space battles than he did in protecting our armed forces from having its heritage destroyed.

And Pearson, possibly still giddy from getting rid of the Red Ensign in 1965, obviously didn’t care much about our war history either — choosing peacekeepers over peacemakers.

But now that wrong has been righted. 

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