Downton Abbey returns!

This lavishly-set and beautifully-acted series about life in a stately manor in the years immediately preceding the Great War returns to Vision TV on September 7th at 9:00pm. It will run weekly, and will repeat the episodes seen previously this year.

One difference seems to be that while the episodes lasted almost ninety minutes before, only some of them will now. It appears that with a couple of exceptions, we will get one hour for each episode this time around.

Because of editing required by the previous mergings, we may see some scenes that were missed out previously. Hopefully there won’t be any ads!

No word yet on when we can see the new episodes currently being filmed, but they should be completed in a few weeks.

Jeff Goodall.

My review “Downton Abbey: A rare treat indeed” (February 6th, 2011) can be seen here.

See Vision TV’s page on the show here.