McGuinty healthcare monopoly offensive, anti-democratic

It has always seemed to me that if someone wants to shell out their own money for medical care, thus lightening the load on the provincial medicare system, why would anyone anybody in their right mind try to stop them?

This whole idea of a rigidly-enforced government monopoly on health-care is offensive and anti-democratic. Particularly on those occasions when waiting times are up, and ambulances are bounced around from hospital to hospital because no beds are available.

Will persons going outside the country for urgently-needed medical procedures be subjected to legal sanctions for going outside ‘Premier Dad’s’ one-size-fits-all medicare regime? Thrown into the slammer for a few months to reflect on their sins, perhaps?

The arrogance of the “we know best” Liberals seemingly knows no boundaries. And more to the point, it is potentially dangerous to your health.

Jeff Goodall.

Preem closes door on private health care

Toronto Sun

Antonells Artuso & Jonathan Jenkins: Sept. 7th, 2011

Practising private health care will earn doctors a time out from Premier Dad.

Liberal Leader Dalton McGuinty said Wednesday that he opposes the spread of private care like that offered by Dr. Karen Dockrill, a Whitby pediatrition who is challenging the status quo with a practice that charges patients membership fees and offers an enhanced package of services.

McGuinty said a Tim Hudak government would inevitably open the door to private health care because its election commitments would leave the Tories unable to maintain the current system. “You cannot possibly fill in that $14-billion hole without taking money out of health care. And I can see the way it’s shaping up now. He’s saying, ‘Well, listen, we’ll take it out of the public health care system and you can make up for it by buying your own private health care.”

A cautious Tim Hudak danced around what a Progressive Conservative government would do, if anything, about fees for enhanced services. “I don’t want to see obstacles in the way, stopping patients getting treatment,” Hudak said outside the Willowdale home of Mark Chin and Satoko Takano. “So what’s the best way of doing that? Bringing more doctors into our province, so patients can actually get a doctor.

“We have a million patients today under Dalton McGuinty who don’t have access to a doctor.”

Pressed again, Hudak would not commit to taking any specific action on the fees. Instead, he repeated a familiar Tory refrain on the Liberals’ performance on the health care file.

“Why are we having these questions today?” he said “It’s because of the $1 billion in the eHealth boondoggle. Families … put $1 billion dollars across our province into health care. It went down the drain in the eHealth scandal and into the pockets of Liberal friendly consultants.”

Auditor General Jim McCarter said both Liberal and PC governments were in part to blame for the province spending $1 billion in the pursuit of electronic health records.

McCarter did not say all the money was wasted but said Ontarians did not get full value for the spending.

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