Obama’s inexcusable abandonment of U.S. border security

“The war in Mexico is no longer someone else’s problem…
“If this terrorist organization was based in Canada and had daily incursions into New York, our country would have a different posture”

One can only wonder what hidden agenda President Obama has in his disregard for the well-being of the country he was sworn in to protect.  A massive infusion of Democratic votes, the destruction of the founding races of America, the advancement of an impossible egalitarianism?  All of these? 

I think it is just a matter of time before those whose happiness, way of life, and very survival, are threatened by his policies will feel they have no choice but to rise up in armed insurrection.

And Canada is not much better.  Our open-door policies are achieving pretty-much the same effect here.  Anything that doesn’t reduce the numbers is just cynical window-dressing.

Jeff Goodall.

Law Enforcement Makes Plea for More Manpower Along Border

KRGV.com Rio Grande Valley
Erica Proffer: September 19th, 2011

BROWNSVILLE – It’s a grim report from law enforcement. Federal and state authorities say we are an open doorway for drugs and violent crime. Law enforcement briefed congressional leaders about the security in our own back yard.

The same words echoed throughout: we need more boots on the ground. The war in Mexico is no longer someone else’s problem.

Texas Department of Public Safety Director Steve McCraw says his department works double-time. His state investigators are doing the job of the feds.

“The Department of Public Safety, we have an obligation to target those organizations that cause the most significant threat to Texas,” says McCraw.

The priority is on catching the drugs.

“Drug trafficking and organized crime itself results in the lower level crimes,” says McCraw. “That means we do Ranger recon missions in remote areas. That means we leverage our flare and night vision capabilities on our rotary aircraft. We’re acquiring tactical boats on the river and increasing our tactical capability three-fold. It’s important to do so.”

McCraw is one of a handful of federal and state law enforcement members asking lawmakers for more help securing the border.

“They are, indeed, the biggest threats that this country faces at this moment,” says TJ Bonner, retired president of National Border Patrol Council.

“If this terrorist organization was based in Canada and had daily incursions into New York, our country would have a different posture,” Texas Agricultural Commissioner Todd Staples.

State and federal law enforcement asked lawmakers to put more troops along the border. They want equipment and money sent to Valley agencies. They want it immediately.

The Brownsville mayor has a different viewpoint as to what’s going on here. Mayor Tony Martinez said he agreed with the threat on the border, but his town, he assured everyone, was safe.

The widow of an American killed on Mexican waters attended the border forum Monday to tell the congressmen the government is stonewalling her.

Tiffany Hartley’s husband David was killed almost a year ago this month on the Mexican side of Falcon Lake.

The sheriff of Zapata County says he knows the Zetas who did it but can’t get them to the United States. Hartley says the State Department, the Justice Department and the FBI won’t share any information with her about what they’re doing to find her husband’s killers.

Hartley testified in front of two Texas congressmen and alongside federal and state law enforcement. Hartley filed three lawsuits last week against the government.
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