Brief reprieve for Canadian Air and Space Museum

“We have been given some time but it doesn’t solve our problem. ” – Museum CEO Robert Cohen.

Donations will still be needed, plus political pressure.
See the links at the foot of “Outrage! Canadian Air & Space Museum being evicted”, link below.

Jeff Goodall.

Downsview Park museum allowed to stay six months

Toronto Sun
Kevin Connor: Sept. 22nd, 2011

TORONTO – The Canadian Air and Space Museum has been given a six-month reprieve by Downsview Park.

The park evicted the museum on Tuesday prompting an uproar by Canadian war veterans as well as museum staff.

The museum’s CEO, Robert Cohen said he’s grateful for the Toronto Sun’s help.

“The media help was fantastic. These buffoons running the park need to be brought into question. We have been given some time but it doesn’t solve our problem. I don’t know who these people at Downsview Park think they are,” Cohen said.

“We have had calls and people showing up worried about the precious artifacts they donated. People asking about things like their Uncle Billy’s flying manuals.”

Volunteers had gone so far as to move one of the museum’s prized pieces — a replica of the Avro Arrow — out to the parking lot.

But the historic jet is now back in the hangar and out of the elements.

Glenn Carr of Ottawa said Wednesday the park showed no respect for the men and women the museum represents.

“I feel ashamed of our government,” Carr said. “My father served overseas and is presently living at the Rideau Veterans Home here in Ottawa. I see these vets daily we owe them for the sacrifices they have given to our country.”

Michael Beale of Tecumseh called this story is a national disgrace in an e-mail.

“The volunteers that work at the Canadian Air and Space Museum are honouring and preserving the memory of those Canadians who have served and deserve the opportunity to save this important landmark,” Beale said.

“These buildings are a link to those men and women who can no longer speak for themselves and the volunteers at the Canadian Air and Space Museum are the voices…speaking to a generation just born and new Canadian immigrants who have adopted Canada as their home. By telling their stories, in this building, visitors feel the presence of our Canadian heroes.”

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