“The Wandering Who”

Gilad Atzmon: Zero Books

Taken together, the Jewish Chronicle article, Mr. Atzmon’s brief response, and the endorsement by Professor John Mearsheimer, indicate that this new book will be illuminating and well-worth the read.

I will be purchasing my copy on Monday.

Jeff Goodall.

London JC  launched an attack on Prof’ John Mearsheimer

Gilad Atzmon: Sept. 22nd, 2011

I occasionally read the London JC (Jewish Chronicle -JG): it provides  a glimpse into Zionist paranoia, and it also depicts a true image of the ‘Nuevo Ghetto’ mentality.

Today, a week ahead of the publication of my new book The Wandering Who, the JC seems to be desperate to mount pressure on Professor John Mearsheimer, the highly respected academic who warmly endorsed my book.

It is apparent that the JC is yet to realise the length of the list of prominent scholars, writers and activists who support and endorse my new book.

In the article below, the JC prints a collection of quotes from the book that are supposed to be both embarrassing and contentious (I made them bold).  Needless to mention, I am standing firmly behind all of my quotes, and each of my words

However, being the amateurish outlet that it is, the JC has made at least two mistakes:

1. I am not an ‘anti-Semite’. I am actually a firm opponent of any form of racism whatsoever — and this includes questioning and challenging every possible appearance of Jewish political and ideological exclusivity and collectivism in the same manner that I would criticise any other manifestation or form of ethnic prejudice.

2. The book is not published by “The Susjin Agency” as the JC suggests but by Zero Books.

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