Canadian Air & Space Museum to get new home?

I sent the museum a modest donation a couple of weeks ago, and received a tax-deductible receipt in around ten days.  The covering letter read in part as follows:

“Without supporters like you, we would not be able to reach for the stars and ultimately deliver a world-class museum that tells the distinctly Canadian stories of aerospace science and technology  and the people connected to these innovations.  Your donation contributes to chronicling their achievements and honouring these larger than life pioneers, with the hopes of inspiring a new generation of innovators and inventors.”

Their website has been re-vamped, see link below.

I strongly urge support for this vital showcase of Canadian genius and heritage.

Please consider signing the petition and making a donation.

Jeff Goodall.

Air and Space Museum may fly to waterfront home

Toronto Sun
Kevin Connor: Oct. 19th, 2011

TORONTO – The Canadian Air and Space Museum may get a new home on Toronto’s waterfront after receiving an eviction notice from Downsview Park.

“(Mayor) Rob Ford called me and said once the dust has settled come to the waterfront. Rob Ford put an offer on the table. I couldn’t be happier,” said Rob Cohen, CEO of the museum.

On Wednesday volunteers were packing exhibits, including dismantling the Silver Dart, a replica of the first plane flown in Canada 102 years ago.

“We are so honoured to have had the Silver Dart at the Canadian Air and Space Museum,” Cohen said.

“This aircraft attracted so much media attention two years ago when it recreated Canada’s first flight and it reminded Canadians how far we have come as a nation technologically, and how proud we can be of our rich aviation heritage.”

Cohen may be proud of the museum’s artifacts but feels no pride in the federal government.

Downsview Park, a Crown corporation, plans to replace the museum with four hockey rinks.

He says politicians in Ottawa have been no help.

“It is all pass the buck politics. This is a national tragedy. The people at Downsview are a bunch of thugs. I feel like road kill with a bunch of buzzards around me,” Cohen said.

The park has given the museum extra time to pack, but it has closed the doors to the public and regulates the hours volunteers are allowed inside.

The worst part for Cohen is that the co-op programs with several boards of education have been cancelled and the grants are now gone.

The museum is hoping that more people will buy a membership or make a donation to help out.

Each year, more than 12,000 students visited the museum.

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See the Museum website here.  Includes a petition and a donation link.