Royal Canadian Legion: Poppy issue follow-up

The article below provides a concise summation of the issues, and you can ‘vote’ on whether or not the RCL should be allowed to have sole rights over the poppy as a registered trademark.

In my opinion, one solution might be for the trademark to be transferred to Her Majesty The Queen “In Right of Canada”, with requests to use the poppy being vetted by the Governor-General.

A precedent is the use of the Crown on police logos across Canada.  A request to include the  Crown has to be made to the current Monarch, who can theoretically turn down such a request, but I doubt that has ever happened.  More to the point, permission can subsequently be withdrawn by the Monarch in the event that a police force acts in such a way as to dishonour the Crown.

Certainly, I can’t see total control over symbolic use of the poppy being left with the Royal Canadian Legion, they are quite clearly unfit to have that kind of power.

And if this costs me my Legion membership, then so be it.

Jeff Goodall.

Should the Royal Canadian Legion have sole rights to the poppy image?
Community Tean: Oct. 26th, 2011

The poppy, widely recognized as a symbol of remembrance for many at this time of year, is now at the center of a dispute between the Royal Canadian Legion and a Canadian veteran group, CBC News reports.

The Royal Canadian Legion is threatening legal action against the Canadian Veteran Freedom Riders (CVFR), claiming it owns the poppy that the veteran group features as part of its logo.

Intellectual property law firm Ridout and Maybee LLP, which represents the Legion, threatened legal action against the CVFR, and stated in a letter that the poppy is a registered trademark that can’t be used for commercial or personal use without prior approval.

In spite of the letter, the CVFR’s president, Capt. Michael Blow, said the group will not remove the poppy from their logo right now, although they will file a request to use the image.

Do you think the dispute is warranted? Why or why not? Should the Royal Canadian Legion have sole rights to the poppy image? Share your comments below.

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