Remembrance Day 2011

I try to write something every Remembrance Day, but don’t really see much I can add on this occasion. 

The day is still the same, I know what it is for, and I think often about family history as it relates to both World War I and World War II.

One thing I reflect on is human stupidity, if that’s what happened at the end of the Great War.

Germany lost because of a failure of political will; its armies were not defeated on the battlefield.  Indeed, when the German soldiers were told of this, rather than surrender, many of them simply deserted and went home.

The Treaty of Versailles, with its onerous reparation requirements, was designed to humiliate and penalise Germany, and made World War II inevitable.  Germans had been humiliated beyond endurance, and that plus the rise of Communism and rampant inflation, paved the way for Adolf Hitler.

It’s no coincidence that he had the French surrender in the same railway car in which the German generals had been required to sign the instruments of surrender ending the Great War, barely more than twenty years earlier.

This idea of ‘peacekeeping’ is utterly alien to me.  Either kill them, or leave them alone.  I see it purely as an instrument of geopolitics, with the Americans following the bidding of the Israelis to attack and break up the power of Israel’s enemies. 

Prime Minister Harper, sucking up to the Americans by providing troops to support them, puts Canadian lives in danger for no better reason than to assist in Israel’s crimes against humanity in Gaza and the West Bank, and to help enable Israel’s attacks against its neighbours.

Israel has more nuclear weapons than the British, and is threatening to start World War III by attacking Iran, with unimaginable consequences both military and economic.  Particularly if Russia and China get involved, and India and Pakistan try to take advantage of the situation.

Israel is the greatest threat to world peace the world has ever seen, and now, on Remembrance Day, we have to honour the memory of men and women killed in a cynical political ploy to suck up to the Americans, thus assisting Israel in its brutal colonisation of Palestine and its quest for dominance in the Middle East and beyond.

What a disgusting and tragic waste of fine young lives.

Jeff Goodall.

In the two links below you will find interesting photographs of Canada’s involvement in both wars.

Toronto during the World Wars here.

How the Great War battlefields look today here.

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