Africentric schools: Warring against nature

In my opinion, Lorrie Goldstein, (see article below), delivers an excellent analysis of the Africentric schools issue, insofar as he goes.

I do not think for one second that “African” students suddenly run into trouble the instant they step onto Canadian soil.  They have problems in the Caribbean, and they have problems in Africa.  Their cognitive inability, and lack of incentive to concentrate and learn, are not a result of their moving into White societies.

Blacks evolved in a tropical or semi-tropical environment in which food and shelter are readily available, and seasons are not of any consequence in terms of human survival.  Thus there was no reason to acquire higher intelligence in order to survive, and their energies were expended in reproduction in order to counteract the high rates of both infant and adult mortality due to tropical diseases, parasites, and animal attacks.

Europeans had to deal with harsh, lengthy winters in which plant and animal food is scarce, and higher intelligence is necessary in order to be able to plan ahead, survive, and reproduce.

Higher intelligence is of negligible benefit to Blacks when in their natural sub-Saharan environment.  Moving them into Northern areas, where higher intelligence has resulted in the advanced high-tech society which has enabled Europeans to walk on the Moon, and to develop all our other innovations such as radio,  television, skyscrapers, waste disposal, medical care, and the advanced levels of co-operation and discipline necessary to establish and maintain high-level civilizations, is in many ways entirely wasted on them. 

For them, food and shelter are still readily available in our Liberal welfare states, and modern medicine ensures that their infant mortality rate is considerably reduced.  They thrive and multiply, but this is largely at our expense.

I am not in any way intending to imply that Blacks are ‘bad’ people because of this, it is only natural that they would take advantage of what is offered to them.  It is more a matter of their being so substantially different to Europeans in their procreation rates and cognitive ability, and in their cultural attitudes towards work and education.

A white person with an IQ of less than 70 is generally regarded as feeble-minded, and in need of legal protections against exploitation.  In a VDARE article “African IQ Analysis” (link below) authored by Professor Philippe Rushton, we find the following:

“In two earlier VDARE.COM articles I discussed the low average African IQ of 70 reported by Richard Lynn and Tatu Vanhanen in their path-breaking book IQ and the Wealth of Nations.

“As their IQ map of the world illustrates, the average IQ for all countries is 90 (The Wealth of Nations is mapped by their IQ, By Glen Owen, November 10, 2003). Less than one in five countries has national IQs equal or near the British norm of 100. Almost half the countries have national IQs of 90 or less.

If IQ and the Wealth of Nations is correct that an average IQ of 90 forms the threshold for a technological economy, this poses a serious problem.  (Emphasis added -JG).

“An IQ of 70 suggests mental retardation-at least it would in the White populations of Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand. There it would frequently be associated with dysfunctional social behavior and visible deficiencies.”

One only has to look at the nightly news on television to see the effects of what by European standards is clearly Black “dysfunctional social behavior”, and in the workplace to see “visible deficiencies” as they relate to the ability to peform tasks and to carry them to completion in a timely manner.

The glaring fact of the matter is that if we continue to import people from countries with an average IQ of 90 or less, we will eventually reach the point where the average IQ of our workforce will no longer be sufficient to maintain our high-tech societies, and we will quickly become part of the third-world.  Or looking at it another way, there just simply won’t be a ‘first world’ any more.

Our hopes and dreams for ourselves and our children will be destroyed forever, and the world will gradually sink into a dark age of primitive savagery as the structures of civilized society begin to collapse.  The presence of large numbers of Blacks in North America, Europe, and Australasia, will mitigate strongly against any possible hope for recovery.

We are warring against nature in attempting to integrate such people into our cultures and economies, and the sooner we begin to reverse this negative and destructive process the better off we will be.

The problem of Black inability and failure is genetic, and cannot be resolved through artificial means and good intentions.

It’s just as simple as that.

Jeff Goodall.

Africentric schooling not the right cure

Toronto Sun
Lorrie Goldstein: Nov. 17th, 2011

TORONTO – Supporters of Africentric schools as a way to cure the 40% drop-out rate among black students in Toronto can’t add.

Right now, the Toronto school board has one Africentric (black-focused) elementary school with 185 students and a waiting list of 20, which opened in 2009.

As of Tuesday, the board, following a 14-6 vote in favour, intends to open a similar secondary school program by September 2013.

Make that September 2012, if it can find a willing community, which it couldn’t the last time it tried this just eight months ago for Oakwood Collegiate and met a hailstorm of opposition over both the idea and the high-handed way it tried to impose it.

More important, since there are about 30,000 black students in Toronto public schools, this means, with a 40% drop put rate, 12,000 won’t finish high school. Many others will barely finish, placing them at a huge disadvantage in society.

So, do the math — 185 into 12,000 doesn’t go. Not if your goal extends beyond mere political tokenism to seriously addressing the problem of high black dropout rates.

Further, it’s highly unlikely the 185 kids in the board’s one black-focused elementary school were going to be future drop outs.

Trustees who voted in favour of adding a black high school boasted these 185 students scored above average in standardized testing, a classic case of confusing correlation and causation.

The reason these students are doing well undoubtedly has to do with the fact they have highly-motivated and supportive parents.

That is, parents who cared enough about their kids’ education to choose to enrol them in a particular school (actually, it could have been any school), arrange transportation, take an interest in the curriculum, help their kids with homework, communicate with their teachers and read to their kids at night.

The board’s argument these students are flourishing (how do we know they weren’t already good students?) because they aren’t being forced to study Shakespeare and other dead white European males is absurd.

The reason they’re doing better than average black students is because they come from more stable homes, with either two parents or a highly-motivated single parent.

I’ll bet these 185 students have fewer absentee fathers than in the general black population, fewer older brothers in criminal gangs, fewer mothers on welfare or drugs, or who serve as “baby” mamas to absentee fathers who take perverse pride in impregnating as many women as they can, while boasting about their sexual prowess and abandoning their children.

The root cause of high drop out rates among black students is not the politically correct nonsense we hear that they’re held back by a racist curriculum or too few black teachers.

It’s that by the time they get to elementary school at age five, their basic personalities have already been formed and if they grew up in a dysfunctional family, their educational experience is pretty much doomed before it starts.

Ironically, black-focused schools are controversial primarily because we incorrectly view them as segregationist, which they are not. Segregationist policies in the U.S. south in the 1950s involved white overlords imposing inferior schooling on unwilling blacks, which is not the case in Toronto where some (not all) black parents have asked for Africentric schools.

The real problem with them is they are political tokenism and divert our attention from the real problem — high drop out rates among black students because of the high rate of black family breakdown, something blacks have to address themselves, supported by people of good will across Toronto, along with practical, results-oriented educational and government policies.
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