Muslims and Jihad: Time for the West to wake up

Do you know that Muslims have been waging war (Jihad) against the rest of the world for fourteen hundred years?

*  An Arab fleet sailed up the Tiber to Rome in 846 and stole all the treasures from the Basilica of Saint Peter, resulting in the building of the Vatican as a walled city.

*  The Americans waged a war against Barbary (Mediterranean) pirates culminating in victory and a cessation of piracy in 1815.

*  Barbary raiding parties went to Europe, including Britain, Ireland, and even Iceland, to raid, pillage, and take slaves.

*  As many as 1,250,000 (that’s one and a quarter million)  Europeans were enslaved by Barbary Muslims in the 250 years ending in 1780.

*  Spain was occupied by the Muslims for some 800 years until they were finally expelled in the late 1400’s.

*  Charles Martel halted an invading Muslim army at the Battle of Tours in 732, failing which most if not all of Europe would have been enslaved.

*  The Battle of Vienna, in which Polish forces were instrumental in defeating a massive Turkish army, took place in 1683, almost 1,000 years later, and began the slow collapse of the Ottoman dynasty.

*  Greece did not gain its freedom from the Ottomans until 1832.

*  The Muslim Jihad continues to this day, with oil-rich Arab states assisting and funding Muslim immigration into the Christian strongholds of Europe, North America, and Australasia, by providing funding for mosques and madrassas (schools) and for propaganda and other purposes. 

*  The Balkans are currently being used as a base for Jihad within Europe, with Albanian Muslims ethnically cleansing the Serbs and expanding into Macedonia.

*  Christians in large parts of Africa are being murdered, and their churches destroyed, right now.

*  While Muslims demand accommodation for their religious beliefs, including the building of mosques, it is forbidden to build churches in Muslim lands.

*  Those conquered by the Muslims are given three choices.  Convert, pay special taxes and live as a ‘dhimmi’ (see definition here), or die.

We are under attack and in a fight for our very survival, and yet most Christians and Westerners are completely unaware of this.

To learn about the 1,400 year-old history of the ongoing Jihad being waged against non-Muslims, I suggest you read the article “Fourteen Centuries of War Against European Civilization” by Fjordman published in “Global Politician”, link here.

We seem to be in a kind of amnesia, where the bad experiences of the past have been blotted out of our collective consciousness, and are not taught in our schools.  But, we ignore our past negative experiences with Muslim Jihad at our peril.

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Jeff Goodall.