Pakistan: Americans playing with fire

The Americans appear to be going out of their way to aggravate Pakistan, at the same time that Israel appears to be preparing for war against Iran.

Pakistan and Iran have a common border, and both are considered by Israel to be enemies.  Indeed, Pakistan is the only Muslim country known for sure to possess nuclear weapons.

An attack on Iran may well result in a Pakistani self-defence attack on Israel, and on American assets in Afghanistan and Iraq, despite the fact that Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal is intended as a deterrent against India.

More to the point, an attack on Iran by Israel and its American puppet-state could result in Indian exploitation of the situation, and follow-on Chinese attacks on its Indian enemy.  Should that happen, and the Russians and Americans engage in a nuclear war, the only country left with a major nuclear arsenal (assuming the Bitish and French become involved) will be Israel.

Wild and crazy thoughts? Not necessarily.

Look at how the Great War started.

Jeff Goodall.

Pakistan orders US to close Shamsi airbase

RIA Novosti
November 26th, 2011

Pakistani authorities on Saturday gave the United States 15 days to leave the Shamsi airbase, and closed NATO supply lines into Afghanistan in response to a deadly NATO air strike, the DawnNews TV channel reported.

The Federal Cabinet’s Defense Committee said no compromise would be made on the country’s sovereignty and security.

“The people and the army will ensure Pakistan’s sovereignty and integrity at any cost,” it said.

It said the attacks were completely unacceptable.

Earlier in the day several NATO helicopters had reportedly violated Pakistani airspace from Afghanistan and attacked a checkpoint in the Mohmand tribal area in northwest Pakistan. At least 25 soldiers were killed and 14 injured.

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