“Spirit over Steel: A chronology of the Second World War”

by John Thompson.

John Thompson is the Editorial Director of the Mackenzie Institute.  He retired from the Canadian Forces with the rank of Captain, and is a member of the Royal Canadian Military Institute.

His first book “Spirit over Steel: A chronology of the Second World War” is now available on Kindle.

In his book announcement, he says:

“This was a hobby at first (on the old Compuserve History Forum), evolved into a calendar, got personalized when I loaded in a year’s worth of vignettes about sundry individuals, and then got converted into a conventional chronology.  I later expanded it with some commentary. 

“The end result is that I’ve explained some things about the war most people never knew, integrated the entire conflict into a whole and interlaced it with hundreds of individual stories, and hopefully made the history compelling again.”

The e-book can be purchased here.

Not only would it be of interest to adults, but parents may wish to buy it to educate older offspring.  It covers  World War II as a whole, as well as Canada’s sacrifices and glorious feats of arms in the service of freedom from tyranny and fear.

Jeff Goodall.