“Racist vandals” and the police as political performers

Once again, this time in the person of York Regional Police 1 District Inspector Rick McCabe,  we have a police officer who misunderstands his function in society.  His comment “We won’t be asking for a plea bargain… We’re going to be asking for jail time — lots of it” sounds most impressive, and will undoubtedly help advance his career in today’s politically-correct policing environment, but the police won’t be making any recommendations to the courts, the Crown will.

The Crown may well take police recommendations into account, but the final decision as to recommendations belongs to the Crown, and to the Crown alone.

And what about “likely suspects were interviewed”?  In the absence of any physical or video surveillance evidence, the police have little to go on.  Do the police keep a record of people suspected of harbouring ‘politically incorrect’ thoughts, or who are unsympathetic to White Canada being swamped with unwanted and often unassimilable Third-Worlders?  And if so, why?

Anti-miscegenation (race-mixing) laws were rigorously upheld in many American states until well into the second half of the last century.  I personally find miscegenation to be deeply offensive, but I don’t run around damaging property and hurling offensive language at people because of that.  The answer is for White people to wake up to the deplorable situation which has been inflicted on us, and to take back control of our immigration and multicultural policies by electing racially-aware people to Parliament.

And we must also do something about the political control being exerted over our police by the politicians, and ensure that they go back to carrying out their responsibilities “without fear or favour”, and concerning themselves with how people behave, not how they think.

I take no pleasure in the York Region incident, but such events are inevitable as long as our social policies run contrary to common sense and human nature.   But, I do wonder greatly why Inspector McCabe is “very frustrated” by the “lack of a known motive”.  Doesn’t he know what the word “nigger” burned in acid on somebody’s car hood means, or is he doubtful of the real reason why this has happened?

In other words, in the absence of any concrete evidence regarding the perpetrators, how do we know that this is not just another set-up, with people (not necessarily the victims) contriving events in order to advance a political agenda?

Perhaps Inspector McCabe shares these concerns, while still taking advantage of the opportunity to grand-stand before the public and his superiors…

Jeff Goodall.

Stiff punishment promised for racist vandals

Toronto Sun
Ian Robertson: Dec. 28th, 2011

TORONTO – The low-life who repeatedly targeted the Newmarket home of a black man and his white wife with “racist” threats and graffiti faces tough justice if caught.

“We won’t be asking for a plea bargain,” York Regional Police 1 District Insp. Rick McCabe vowed Wednesday.

“We’re going to be asking for jail time — lots of it,” he said, one day after the Sun exclusively revealed the plight of Seun Oyinsan and his wife, Rita Brown.

“As a citizen in this community, it’s disgusting,” Insp. McCabe said of the attacks on the Hodgson Dr. home they bought in July.

“Every person in this area should be rising up and helping,” he said, hoping residents provide key tips and unite to tell the couple “they don’t want them to move.

“This type of racist act is not what this country is all about,” McCabe said. “This country has people from all over the world.”

When the family awoke Sept. 10, he said they found swastikas on their garage door and an SUV, the “N” word acid-burned on another vehicle, plus nails in wood against the tires.

Most chilling was a death-threat note, insisting they move.

Likely suspects were interviewed, a police surveillance camera captured nothing suspicious, and after a two-month attack lull, the couple reconsidered selling.

Then, on Christmas Eve, racist slogans were scratched on their repaired SUV and a car.

While McCabe said organized criminals are not likely involved, “someone is targeting this family and this house.”

“Very frustrated” by a lack of clues or known motive, he also sympathizes with the family’s fears, frustration and repair bills.

“We’re going to do everything we can to catch the person or persons responsible,” McCabe promised.

“We can’t live like this,” Oyinsan said, expressing sadness at the first such ill-treatment he has had since emigrating from Nigeria in 1996.

Speaking through the chatter of grandchildren, he said friends called Wednesday and several TV stations plus African newspapers sought interviews.

“My friends are concerned … we didn’t tell anyone,” Oyinsan said.

Reluctant to leave, he and Brown decided to wait until the holidays are over to make their next move.

As for the damaged vehicles, “we’re going to drive them until we know where we’ll be and where I can get the money,” Oyinsan said. “I’ll have to work overtime.”

Anyone with information is asked to call 1 District detectives, 905-773-1221.

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