Harper continues blatant anti-White hiring practices

What a bunch of fools the parties must think we are!  As Stephen Harper’s government continues its racist hiring practices despite assurances by Jason Kenney in 2010 that they would be discontinued, we can be sure that the Liberals will continue to suck up to the ‘ethnic’ vote regardless, and the NDP has historically discriminated against us anyway as I can attest to from two decades as a union officer.

The worst enemy of White people is the party system, with the cards always stacked against us.  For how many decades now have we had to hold our noses and vote for “the lesser of the available evils”?  And why were Canadians  never, ever allowed to vote on the immigration reforms that have had such a drastic and negative affect on country and on our quality of life? 

This disaster was imposed upon us without our input or consent, and the time has come to start encouraging and voting for independent candidates, who will stand up and fight for the interests of the founding people of this country.  Candidates who will answer only to their constituents and to themselves, not to the parties and to their special-interest donors.

If our government and political parties don’t begin to smarten up, then it will be just a matter of time before people begin to regard ‘democracy’ as the enemy, and start  to take matters into their own hands.

Jeff Goodall.

Harper government continues race-based hiring

Toronto Sun
Brian Lilley: Feb. 21st, 2012

OTTAWA – The federal government is continuing to set aside jobs for specific groups based on race, gender and ability, more than a year after it pledged to end such practices.

In November 2010, Stockwell Day, the treasury board president at the time, told the House of Commons that he was instructing departments to end the practice of setting aside jobs for specific groups, such as women, aboriginals, visible minorities and the disabled.

“We have also communicated that all department postings must not shut out any specific groups and must be open to all qualified candidates. Final decisions must be based on merit and on qualifications,” Day said at the time.

The move was in response to a QMI Agency story about an Ottawa-area woman denied a job because she was white. While applying online for a position with Citizenship and Immigration Canada the woman was asked to reveal her race. Once she selected Caucasian the application process was shut down and she was unable to proceed with the application.

Immigration Minister Jason Kenney was quick to call for a review in 2010, telling QMI that jobs should be awarded based on equality of opportunity and merit.

“I was very concerned to read the report of a position only being open to people from an identifiable group,” Kenney said at the time.

Those concerns have given way to the status quo, however, with both the Treasury Board and the Public Service Commission saying that discriminatory hiring practices will remain in force.

“For there to be changes, the law would have to change”, said the commission spokeswoman Annie Trepanier.

And, Sean Osmar, a spokesman for Treasury Board President Tony Clement, said the Public Service Employment Act won’t be changed as the government has found “no amendments are required.”

Osmar told QMI that the government’s hiring practices were “fair and based on merit.”

Canada’s employment equity legislation was passed in 1986 by Brian Mulroney’s Conservative government.
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